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The Blaines
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hidden Camera?

Do you ever wonder if someone is secretly filming you and and laughing at the chaos in your house??? I had this random thought this afternoon as I was trying to wash dishes. Noah has this new ability to forget how to walk once we enter our house. He stands there arms raised just crying "moms"....I don't know if I'll ever get to be "mommy". Yesterday he refused to walk up the sidewalk with me unless I carried he stood there in the drive way crying...while I'm trying to carry all the crap we have in the house. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm torturing him....of course once I get to the door, the dogs come barreling out, run into Noah and now he's crying because he fell know I have to pick him up because I feel bad he fell down and he wins...he gets carried. Tonight I was attempting to wash dishes after dinner....once again Noah's super powers take over and he needs to be picked we pull some pans out to bang so mommy can wash. Those aren't fun tonight though....what is really fun is walking between Mommy's legs while she's washing dishes. Side note....this is fun when Daddy's home because Daddy has long legs...newsflash...Mommy has short legs. So Noah doesn't fit...but if I don't let him through I then have to listen to the 10th breakdown of the I give in. I'm washing dishes, lifting my leg for Noah to walk though, trying to keep my balance, and cracking up because as he walks though he keeps banging into the cabinets. We did this for a good 10 minutes....and this is when I thought "there's gotta be someone somewhere watching this cracking up while they quietly wash dishes."
Then for an encore of our performance I decided we were going to make Halloween cards for everyone. So we break out the paint and go at it. Noah for the first time ate the was non toxic...don't worry, he then painted his chest (he had white nipples) and then we managed to get some paint of the cards. Then he got mad because I wouldn't give him the markers and we had meltdown #...well I've lost count at this point!

The saving grace of my evenings alone with Noah is bath time...oh how that child loves a bath. Daddy has gotten him started on "bubbles" in the bath tub...once again Mommy isn't as good as Daddy at bubbles, so Noah tonight took it upon himself to splash away to make bubbles like daddy....needless to say, we both took a bath.

But what I hope a hidden camera sees is that quiet moment at bedtime, when I do get to read to him and he actually sits still and listens....that's the moment that makes everything worth it. Tonight was extra special because I got a "love you" when I laid him down. That's the moment you praise the Lord for all the blessings in your life and get over all the other stuff that's gone wrong in your day and realize just how blessed your are!
This has nothing to do with this post, but I just found it and it made me laugh. This is a bridal shower I dragged him to....doesn't he look thrilled! That's my buddy!


The Busy Blaine's said...

Those "love you" moments make it all worth it!!! Love the picture and love you guys!

Princess Pearce's Mommy said...

The "love you" made all the meltdowns worth it. The picture at the end is priceless! Noah is Mr. Personality for 2009! So cute.