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Monday, August 16, 2010

I think it just hit me that I have to go back to work tomorrow! I shed a tear...but I'm prego, so I shed a lot of those! I just looked at Noah and asked him "Whose gonna drive me crazy all day?" He laughed at me...which he should...I work with 600 kids, there's always someone to drive me crazy, but no one can do it like my little man!

Who's gonna be my beach bum and tell me 50 times that it's "Time to go to Winda's house, to go swimming"
Who's gonna go to weddings with me and give the entire play by play of the ceremony out loud, during the ceremony? "Mommy they get married, Mommy he take picture, Mommy he has camera, Mommy pretty girl" Noah you have to be quiet "Mommy be quiet" ...and exit wedding!
Who's going to drag me to the potty twenty times, especially in Target? Sorry no picture...but he's doing so good, barely any wet diapers! Or Bob's as he calls them, I don't know why, but we go with it!
Our July was filled with all the sunshine we could get. We did go to Winda's (Lynda's) and swim a lot, which got Noah ready for the beach. We were so blessed to spend two entire weeks in Emerald Isle, NC this summer. I wish we could have all been there for the entire two weeks, but I'm so thankful for the time I did have with my family.

That's our little house in the middle...the one you can barely see :)

But when you have this to look at everyday...who cares?!?!

I was spoiled rotten by my husband, I think I only carried my own chair once to the beach...he took such good care of me and Noah! This would be a sunrise they got to see, thanks to Noah and his new found love of being awake at 5 in the morning.

Just a few others from our wonderful two weeks.
Sorry no time for anymore....someone whom I love dearly is driving me crazy :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

When did August get here?

As my mother so lovingly reminded me..."Umm you have a lot of updating to do" You'd think for someone who has the summer off, I'd be a whole lot better at updating my blog...but no...being off of work for me, means not doing anything!

Our summer started off with a big surprise...actually before we even started summer!

Yup that's right, on June 4th we found out that Baby Blaine #2 is on the way! A lot of people asked if this was planned, and I kinda have to giggle, it was someone's plan! I guess God decided it was time, which through Planner Polly me into a mini panic...which I got over in the next two minutes! How exciting, we've been blessed with a whole new life!

I've also been blessed with my friend gestational diabetes again, and I'm an overachiever so it had already shown up at just 11 weeks! I gotta say I'm kicking it's butt! It's NOT easy to count carbs while you're prego, but totally worth it! The other plus side is I get to see my baby more often!

Richard says it doesn't look like a girl's face...honestly it's a little scary looking to me, we never saw Noah before 22 weeks, so I guess the smaller they are, the more alien they look!She's looking right at us! That's right I said she...which I'm not supposed to do, but oh well! I asked the ultrasound tech if she could tell the sex. She laughed and said it was a little early (14 weeks) but if I promised not to get mad if she was wrong she'd tell me what she thought. She thought it looked like a girl (no boy parts in sight)...but told me not to go buy paint yet! I was super excited because I've guessed it was a boy since the beginning. I am secretly planning a girls room...but I'll be just as happy if it's a boy (but girl clothes are so much cuter!)

With all this chaos going favorite little man turned two! He was so excited to make a birthday cake for school! He even helped decorate it.
We decided to keep this baby news a secret until Noah's birthday party...not was three weeks of silence...which is very hard for me, I have a big mouth! I thought this t-shirt would be the perfect way to tell everyone...little did I know our families don't read! The only one who read his shirt and got it was my little sister! Oh well, it was still really cute!
We enjoyed a day of lots of sun, heat, family and friends, we even had some unexpected New York family come, which was really exciting! I had my personal photographer document the day (Thanks Cay Cay). How does any mom take pictures and be a mom at the same time?

My dad aka. Grandaddy, was a big help that day, along with my great hubby, they put up so many pop-ups, grilled and helped clean up. I don't know how to describe what Noah does for my Dad, but it's something special. Noah is such a special kid, of course I say that because he's mine, but this kid has a purpose in life, and it's not to drive his momma crazy, which he's very good at, but God has big things planned for this kid, I know it!

We opened tons of presents and ate my froggie cupcakes, which I am very proud of. I found my inner Martha or Rachel or someone who can make cute and creative foods!

`I think that may cover all of June...or most of it! Hopefully in my last two days of freedom before I go back to work, I can cover the rest!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Got this in an email today, and it really hit home with me...

Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

Don't have much to say about it besides be careful when those mean, judging thoughts roll through your head, don't let them become your destiny!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Best Job Ever!

I don't think I ever interviewed for this job, some days I don't think I'm qualified enough and some days I just would like to quit. My job has gotten me very dirty some days and has me doing things I never ever imagined I would do. My job requires me to be extremely creative and able to think quickly on the spot. My job also requires to me slow down when needed and listen to what's being said...some days I need a translator and other days I act as the translator. I have to be available 24 hours a day and I'm not allowed to call in sick. I must be able to cook, sing, and clean....often all at the same time. Multi-tasking is very important to my job. Some days I have to have a really good sense of humor and other days I have to keep my laughter hidden underneath my hand. I always have to watch what I say and manners are of the utmost importance. I have to have a big heart and doctor's hands for all the physical and emotional injuries I deal with on a daily basis!

With all this job requires, you'd wonder why anyone would want a 24 hour a day non-stop job...well because it comes with the best rewards ever. I can get the biggest smile ever by just playing some Sugarland in the car. I get millions of snotty, wet kisses. I get hugs that come with a grunt. I am a hero just by picking someone up. I get to cheer on silly little things that happen every day. I get to dance and sing to an audience who thinks I'm a rock star! I get to be reminded every day how much God loves me. I am allowed to be a little late, and everyone understands. I always get to buy new clothes because someone is always growing! My house can be a mess and people understand! I have the best job title in the world...Mommy! Happy Mother's Day to all you awesome Mommys who have great jobs too!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No excuses!

Apparently we have to have a blizzard for me to keep up with a blog! I have no good reason to not post. I say no good reason because my reason for not posting is because I have been consumed by my silly farm on facebook....seriously addicting kinda like there needs to be a rehab for people who spend too much time on farmville.

Funny for the car on the ride home from school....
Noah - "I tired, shoo, shoo(him snoring)"
Mommy - "Me too"
Noah - "I see cows, Moo, I smart"
Mommy - "I see them too"
Noah - "Mommy smart too"

Glad he could reassure me of that because I've been feeling a little brain dead lately!!! Ok, gotta go make dinner...and possible check on my farm...shhh :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sickies and Architects

So I'm not a nut, Noah really was sick, he had an ear infection! Score one for mommy! But I was then knocked on my hiney with strep throat AGAIN...seriously, isn't that some kiddy illness? That's three times in like 4 months, so I have a visit to the ENT scheduled...oh boy! Guess there's something good about not working all summer, I can spend my break with a raw throat and smoothies! Gotta find that silver lining!

Now that Noah is back to normal...not quite sure what that is, but that's what they tell me at his school...he's been very busy.

He's following in his Daddy's interest of architecture and has built his own house! When he brought it home from school, we promptly added all his Little People. And P.S. he can spell his name, like on the box (I'm not bragging or anything)

Well I need to get back to my busy day of sitting on my couch and my new obsession of FarmVille (which is very educational for Noah, he likes my horses). My Mom came and got Noah so I could "rest"....I'm sure there was no other motive there!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Dancing Fool

We've watched this a million times today...Noah loves watching himself! Please excuse my fantastic singing voice!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Is it snowing yet???

Well I'm ready for another snow day! All my teacher friends would probably despise me for saying that, but I can't help it! I am absolutely exhausted from working 5 days in a row, all day....I know, you may roll your eyes now,my husband does every day! But seriously this was a really long week, I can't even make it through the Olympics at night, by 9, I'm done! Not tonight though, ROBOTS is on...go figure a cartoon movie can keep me awake! I don't think it helps that my dear little guy has not been feeling so hot! He started Wednesday with that never ending cough.

The kind of cough that wakes you up at 5:30 in the morning...I think both are faces looked like this! Of course nothing else was wrong with him, besides being a little cranky...but that seems to be the norm around here lately! Oh how I wish kids had some special button or light that went off when they are doctor's office worthy. I can't stand going to the doctor and "it's just viral, wait it out". So anyway the cough got a little better by Friday, unfortunately the crankiness was still around and I can only describe him as having a certain "terdness" about him. But he had acquired a new ailment by bedtime...a fever....which he has carried into today all day. Don't ya love how the minute the doctor's office is closed they get sick?!?!

Poor kid...I don't really know what's wrong with him. Every time I ask him what hurts, his first answer is "eyes" and then he moves on to "nose" and then names every other body part he can think I'm not to sure how accurate that is! I've spent my day trying to entertain and manage meltdowns. He does pretty good till his Motrin wears off, then he's cranky and clingy. I won't complain too much about the clingyness, I love holding him, even if it only lasts five minutes.

He has not been sick enough though to stay out of time out. He told me today "hit, pinch, bite, time out", at least I know he does know what to do to be in time out...he's just not to sure how to stay out of it! But the boy can sure say "thank you". So at least if he's gonna be in time out he can be polite about it!

*We are really going to have to work on Noah's picture taking....or my camera abilities, or maybe I'm just really talented at getting that "special" look caught on camera*

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mrs. saver extraordinaire

It just doesn't get any better than this! My job is great, but as with any job I get frustrated sometimes because I don't feel like I'm actually doing my job...or helping all the kids I could, or getting too caught up in awards assemblies to remember who I need to talk to. But then there's notes like this that help me so much. This child will never know how much a note like this means to me, this child will never know that the note lifted me out of a funky spot, and they'll never know that this note will probably be kept forever. This note also helps me remember that I don't have to complete grand tasks or work 60 hours a week to make a difference, all I have to do is listen...and that's what makes me a life saver :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good Morning Mrs. Blaine!

When I first started working in a school, I cringed any time I heard the kids doing that sing-song phrase to the principal. They sounded like a bunch of little robots. But I have to say after 4 years, I've learned to love it. Monday we had our awards assembly, finally after what seems like a year of snow reschedules! I have the fantastically nerve wracking job of calling all the names and awards. When I get up and say good morning, my kids all yell back, "Good Morning Mrs. Blaine", and I just can't help but get this super cheesey grin on my I'm 5. I love that I don't just teach 25 kids, I teach 600 kids, I know 600 kids, and I have 600 great little friends! During that same day I got some of the best hugs from kids and acutally got to do my job for a little bit. I love days like this. It helps me remember why I do what I do. It makes the 3 years and no raise worth it, I know that I help these kids and I make a difference in their lives....I know it everytime I hear that little robot chant..."Good Morning Mrs. Blaine"

Monday, February 22, 2010

Woodstock HIghlights

Noah and Nana at lunch...say cheese!

Playing with Aunt Cay Cay

Playing with Grandaddy's boots!

Thankful...the only was I can describe this.

Noah has been cow deprived since all this snow. On our ride home everyday we pass cows and we always wave to them. Well since december all the cows haven't been out in the fields, so I figured there had to be a place Dad could take Noah to see some up close. Which brings us to Georgia the cow, Noah didn't say a word when we saw the cow, but once we got in the car, all he could say was "cow".

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What I Love About Woodstock

VA...that is! I've come to visit Woodstock since, well birth. My dad is from here and I remember when I was younger this was a magical place. My grandma had the neatest house, I remember thinking my grandparents lived in a mansion because their house had those big columns out front. Whenever we'd come up here, we'd visit my grandparents and then go visit the family, who really aren't family, but I didn't know that until I was like 10.

Here I sit, many years later and I think Woodstock still is a magical place. Noah and I came up for the weekend, we needed a change of scenery. My grandparents are now gone, and the big house with the columns belongs to someone else, but there's something about this place that's fun and relaxing...and extremely "country". Those family/friends live across the street and now my son gets to come up here and play with all the cool toys. Although I think he's got it better. There weren't any 4 wheelers around when I was little, our cool toys were tire swings and watching our Dad's clean deer...I told you it's country up here!

There's something about here that just says "family". I've just spent the past two hours with my Dad watching TV, which I never do. I got to see my sister and go shopping with my mom (that's nothing out of the ordinary, we do that anywhere we are).

Favorite part of the day - Noah is so tired, his naps are all off, he's been too excited to sleep. So we finished dinner, barely, got a bath and then Noah convinced Dad to put Blue on for him. My Dad figured sure, he'll pass out now...he obviously isn't aware of Noah's fascination with Blue! Anyway, best part, my Dad sat on the couch holding Noah and watching Blue for 30 minutes, he rocked him hoping he'd fall asleep. Of course he never went to sleep, but they were so sweet sitting together.

There's just something about this place, it makes you slow down and enjoy each other. Maybe there's just nothing else to do or maybe it's the fresh mountain air! Whatever it is, I'm glad we came here this weekend!

Sorry no pics, the same picture has been loading since I started'll get to see later!

***another side note, there were no misspellings found in this post, my mom will be so proud!***

Friday, February 19, 2010

Do A Little Dance

Noah did something this morning that just made me think about life....I know that's a little profound...but what can I say my kid is a genius! Noah's been doing really good at going potty. We started out with stickers when ever he went, but now he's kinda over it. This morning Richard got him up and took him to the potty, I was in the other bathroom getting ready. I hear the potty sing it's little song (meaning he went), and in to my bathroom comes running a pantless little boy. He asks for my hands and says "ance" (dance). So off we go, we have to get Daddy along the way and we all report to the kitchen to do the potty dance, which is a celebration of going on the potty. It's a crazy dance, and honestly I'm usually a little worried that someone is going to pee on my floor while celebrating (Noah, in case you were wondering who). But how often in life to do we stop to celebrate something so small like going to the potty, which I know is a big deal to a little kid. But do you celebrate getting to work on time? Remembering all your groceries at the store? Your children not yelling all day? I think there's so many things in one day we can celebrate and be thankful for...just imagine your day without's scary! So take some time today to celebrate something and do your own little potty dance, in honor of Noah!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We finally returned to school today, and I do still know how to get there! We got to go in two hours late, which is fabulous! I get to sleep and I get to wear jeans! And if you work in a school you know we live for any day we can wear jeans...when you don't get a raise in three years, you have to be happy with the small stuff! I'm absolutely six hour work day wore me out, that's the most work I've done in a week and a half! Two hours late the rest on the week..two more jeans days!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blizzard Blog...ummm...10ish-12ish

So, I finally slacked off...not that I think anyone will be too upset with me...and don't worry, I wasn't back at work...we're still off! Got another 3 inches yesterday! Last time I was stressed and losing my mind. Thank goodness for Church on Sunday! Always nice to go and remember just how blessed you are instead of stressing about how many magnets are on the kitchen floor!

So here's the update! Sunday was Valentine's Day, and if you remember we already got our V-Day gifts, so it was just cards for all.

Noah reading his card. He did get some books, which he was pretty happy about! We then headed out to my Mom and Dad's house to eat V-Day dinner..mmm...lasagna!

Super-Noah! The many uses of couch parts!

Any true "Blue's Clues" fan would know that Noah is sitting in his Thinking Chair!

Richard helped Mom and Dad set up their Wii, that was their V-Day gift to each other, but I don't think my Dad realized it! Noah is helping Nana with her baseball pitching!

Yesterday we were home again, Noah was supposed to go to daycare for his Valentine's Day party and I was supposed to stay home and get my school work on. I have an awards assembly to organize for Thursday, but as we know, Motherhood is not predictable or planable (new word for today :) Noah woke up with a fever and in a rotten no daycare for him! We dropped off the party goodies and then drove to C'ville to drop off Richard's work stuff he left at home...what would he do without me!

When we finally got back home, Noah decided his baby needed to eat lunch. He strapped him in the chair and started to feed him. He then stopped and helped baby bless the food. I didn't tell him to do this, he just did it on his own. My heart about exploded, I'm so excited that he is going to grow up and remember to thank God for everything, even the baby's food! I did get a picture on my phone...but I haven't quite figured all that out yet!

Don't forget a drink for the baby! side trip today! Whenever I have to make a trip to C'ville I stop at Target...much to my husband's dislike...but hey, he made me drive there! I never buy movies, but it was only $9, so I did! Also got .74 cent gloves for Noah!!!

Richard and I watched Up last night. LOVED it! When Richard laughs out loud, you know something is funny! It even made me cry...which is not a surprise! The best part is the dog with the talking collar. Totally reminded me of Kapone, who is currently laying on my feet! I'm always yelling at him to get out of the way (because he follows me everywhere) but the movie made me feel guilty about it and that I might be hurting his feelings! I know you are thinking she has officially lost her mind...yes I have....I haven't worked in 12 days now, including weekends. So I vow to be nice to Kapone and feel special because at any given time inside my house someone is following me, be it human or K-9!

Ok...must go work on school stuff, in case we ever get to go back to school!!!

Ah-ha I figured it out! How sweet is he!!!! Ok really school work now!
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Gotta love Giveaways!

Hey Ladies...yearning for the beach, like I am. Check out this awesome give away at . If you're like me you definitely need another bag in your closet!!! If you enter, make sure you tell who sent you! Good Luck!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blizzard Blog Day 9

Well I lost it...I know every mom has been there before, but I feel alone on this one. My throat feels 100% better, but I don't. I still feel worn out, and so tired. I even tried to nap today, but that only lasted 20 minutes, Noah started crying, I woke up and then started thinking about everything I needed to do. And my last straw today was a box of Stove Top. I finally decided what we were having for dinner, I was trying to get it ready and no Stove Top...I think I slammed a few things and just started crying. Hmm...and I wonder where my son gets this from! My husband isn't the most feel sorry for you kind of guy, and that's all I wanted (my mom has called everyday to check on me, she knows how to baby me). So he decided the way to fix the problem was to go to the store...of course I'd already figured out how to fix my problem...but I think he wanted out. I don't really blame him. So them left me and I finished making dinner, Richard just called to check and see how much longer till dinner...hmm. I hate when I flip out, but it's hard being a mommy and being sick...especially with my child who seems to forget he has a Daddy. Good thing we have church tomorrow, this girl needs some badly!

So let's focus on the good parts of today!
Noah on his "herse" (horse).

Kapone playing catch with the snow.
He played so hard, he lost his head!

Another one who played hard, I didn't think we'd ever get him in!

Valentine's Day goodies for Noah's school...hopefully he'll get to go on Monday. This is the first time we've done Valentines for Noah. I let Richard pick them out...note to self, next time if he picks them out, he gets to put them together! All that folding and the tattoos to put in...ugh!

No Mommy and Noah picture, it's the three Blaine's today. The boys got back, Noah with a real ride on horse (I think they are called hobby horses), I guess we can retire the broom now! Looking back it was a really good day, yes my kid is a little loud and moody, but so is his mother. I need to keep remembering that I'm not perfect, no one really expects me to be, except quote Francesca Battestelli "perfection is my enemy"!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Blizzard Blog Day 8

So when I started this, I really never assumed I'd be doing this a week later! It hasn't snowed in 48 hours!!! You'd never know it buy driving around here, my car still has a hard time on our road. I felt better this morning, and made the mistake of thinking....I'm all better, let's go!

We met up with some friends today in Culpeper, for all our sanity. What a great drive... snow covered fields for miles. We took Noah to "Fun and Beyond". It's a big warehouse with a bunch of blow up slides and bouncy houses!

Noah and the ladies! He loved these tables...all those slides and this is where he wanted to sit!

It took him a little while to get adjusted...especially since the first one we went in, was definitely not for little kids whose Mommy's have to help them through. I ended up having to climb a wall and hold Noah at the same time...hear me roar! We learned quickly wear to go!

A more Noah friendly slide!
Going down head first! Every time he'd get to the bottom, he'd say "ouch, sorry, gen"!

Taking on the big slide! There are 11 steps up, we counted them, every time :)

Here he comes!

Figuring out he can do this all by himself! Watching him makes me realize how quickly he's growing up!

I'm not sure who was more exhausted...Noah or me...too bad I didn't get to nap in the car! Since we've been home, I haven't moved far from the couch, I'm exhausted and not feeling so hot. But I wouldn't have traded this day for anything. I'm thankful I had the time to do something like this with Noah, and I'm glad I could save Richard's back by not letting him play today! I think he was chomping at the bit to get in though!

He wouldn't look at the camera, he was too occupied with his Elmo remote. My boys let me eat dinner on the couch and even served it to me! Funny how I get so frustrated during the day with them, and I have moments like today when I have to put myself in check and chill out because I'm getting annoyed at silly stuff, but I know in a week I'm gonna miss them like crazy and wish I had another week like this one!

I can always can't on Kapone to look!

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