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Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Good Day

Today was one of those days that you just can't stop thanking God for the things He's given you. Nothing outstandingly significant happened...just life. We ate breakfast as a family...that never happens, Noah usually can't hang in there till breakfast is ready, so he usually eats first, but not today. Watching him try to get pancakes with a fork was priceless...he'd give up and use the other hand to pick it up. I love watching him learn new things, its like you can watch his wheels turn. We played in his pool and had a great time. We "laid down" in the pool which gave some of the best squeals I've heard in a while! I started a sappy girl movie while Noah was napping, he woke up half way through and actually let me finish it while he played. It was one of those movies that makes you love your husband for all he does and is. After the movie we continued to play with lots of giggles and funny smiles, the kind of smiles where you look into his face and your heart explodes because it just can't hold that much love. Sometimes I get so caught up in what my husband hasn't done or how much Noah is screaming while I make dinner, that I don't see how blessed I am. Praise the Lord for days like today! Happiness doesn't come from a clean house and a quiet child, it comes from the love inside that messy, noisy house!
**I have a great picture from today...but the camera and computer aren't cooperating!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Attention Lover

Noah is destined to work in a job where he gets all the attention....I hope its a good one! When he hears people laugh he automatically starts giggling because they must be laughing at him. He started this in church on Sunday. Preacher said something funny, there was laughter and that sent Noah into a giggle fest. (Remember he's quiet while there is singing, but loves to make noise when everyone's quiet) We hand him his book since he's forever trying to turn the pages of Bibles and Hymnals. He starts to "read" his book and continues with the squealing and must have been a good book! So we make our exit down the aisle to go to the nursery and Noah proceeds to wave at everyone and say "bye". And of course they laugh, which sends him into another giggle fit! Sometimes I think he does this just so he can go to the nursery and play...but his hard headed mommy keeps thinking that somehow he's going to actually just sit there through church...what planet do I live on??

I need to remember the funny today since we had a rough morning. Noah's starting to cling and get upset when we leave him. He hung on to my leg as I dropped him off at daycare this morning...and he loves his daycare, so I was surprised at this. It tugged on my heart a little too. Maybe I was more surprised that I got sad...working in an elementary school I am forever pushing parents out the door from their crying children...promising them they will be okay...and here I was today, needing a push out the door. So I came home to pull weeds, thinking it would start raining any minute and they I could say "I tried". Well 3 hours later its sunny and my butt, back and legs are the jungle outside will have to wait until another day! Like a day Richard can do it! I'm off to organize totes in the basement...sad but I'm excited about this one...I'm an organizing dork!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our week in Rodanthe

Every year we make that long haul down the east coast and every year it is worth every penny we pay and every minute in the car. The beach in OBX is my escape, we just got back and I cannot wait to go again. This year we were spoiled beyond belief. We stayed in Rodanthe...we'd never stayed there before, but cannot wait to try it again! When we saw the house on the website, we never really thought we'd be that close to the water...but we were. This picture is taken from where we laid on the beach. You could actually yell up to the house and someone could hear you...but of course we had the handy dandy walkie talkies so no yelling was necessary! Richard gets up every morning to fish and this morning, Noah got to discover the love of fishing. It amazes me that without fear he just grabbed a hold of this fish and squealed with delight as is wiggled in is hands. Such a boy!

Noah also enjoyed the sand...although he had a rough time walking on it. I think his favorite sand activity was having other people pile sand so he could knock it down! I love the beach, but the sand everywhere drives me nuts...that was one I really had to get over on this trip! Noah's second favorite sand activity...eating the sand! Then he got very mad as we tried to clean it out of his mouth...should have just left it in there!! He also enjoyed naps on the beach...Nana was great at holding a sleeping Noah!

Just like his mommy, Noah enjoyed the water much more than the sand...too bad he can't swim because this brave boy had to be held back from the water. If the waves didn't reach him, he'd take off to get just a little big closer!So we ventured off to the sound to entertain the dogs and Noah. I hadn't really planed on getting wet, but this kid loved the water he could play in, so in I stayed. I had "sand burn"on my knees from walking around with him...finally had to pull him out to give me a break!
Early in the mornings when it was quiet, Noah and I would take Kapone out to play and meet Richard who'd already been fishing for hours...that is his relaxation time I guess...I love this picture, all my favorites in one picture.
What I love more than the beach is the time with my family, all in one place with no agenda, no stress, and no where to be. We don't go out, we eat whenever we want, we stay up too late playing games that none of us are good's great! Can't wait for next year! Here's a couple more of my favorite pics!

The sunset after a storm.

This toy was the source of much adult and child entertainment!

Noah worn out and loving on his Daddy...a very rare cuddly moment with Noah.

Sunrise the morning we hard to say goodbye!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

You know you've had a great vacation when... have to dust off your makeup bag because you haven't used it in a week

...the thought of wearing shoes is disturbing

...the thought of wearing anything but a bathing suit and dress is also disturbing don't remember where your curling iron is because you have done nothing with your hair for a week

...all of a sudden you can't sleep at 9pm because you've been going to bed after 11 for a week haven't driven a car in week...besides the trip home house stinks when you get back because you forgot to take the trash out before you left because you were so excited...(that's my bad) proudly display your raccoon eyes and strap tans are now the proud owner of dollar store sunglasses because the ocean ate yours (you are fab Cay Cay) and the owner of a pirate ship kite your husband caught while fishing...(oh if you could have seen the excitement around that one!) can't possibly eat off of anything else besides a paper plate are so exhausted to be back that your one year old sleeps till 7am (finally) and your dog sleeps all day too wake up missing the sound of the waves are way to lazy to put pictures from your vacation on the computer because that would take the energy you just don't have right now! I used all the energy I could find to get dressed for church this morning! More pics and stories to come!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Men, Cows and Blinkers

What more could a girl ask for??? So the car is loaded and ready to go, didn't think it would happen since Richie got home an hour and a half later then he was supposed to, but he was determined. And when he finished loading the car, boy was he proud. Does anyone else have a man in their life who seems to be the most proud when he has loaded the car so compactly that there needs to be a map drawn to remember how things were placed in there. I wish I would have had my camera out to capture his face when he did his Vanna White arms to the back of the car...what father is the same way, it just takes him 10 hours longer!
Another moment I wish I had my camera for....It's cow appreciation day at Chick-fil-A! As I was walking into Target (I promise I don't live there) these teen girls were coming out dressed as cows giggling and taking pictures with the security guard...I was never that cool or brave. But had I known I would have gotten free chick-fil-a today if I was dressed like a cow, I would have found my best cow attire...I think I have a maternity dress that may have fit the bill! As I passed by the chick-fil-a, sad, there was a whole group of kids outside in their cow cute...but no camera...its in the Fort Knox of a car and I'm not dare going to try to dig it out!

And last but not least, as we leave for vacation and spend 5 hours on the road with a one year old...please use your blinkers. My biggest pet peeve used to be people who left their blinkers on, now I just wish people would use them period! It just seemed to happen to me a lot today, so I thought I'd send out a friendly reminder!

So we're off to the beach for the next week...with no computer...somehow I think I'll manage. I've have sand, sun, water and my favorite people in the world around me. Have a great week!

I didn't have a picture for today, so here's the "cow" think it would have worked?!?!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The art of procrastination!

I am supposed to be packing for the beach...but my mind has run over itself with all the circles I've been doing, so I'm taking a "break". I've already taken a break to eat lunch, clean out the bathroom cabinets, look for an old cell phone for Noah to play with and try on everything I'm packing for the beach. Although I must say the compulsive over packer I am has fit all my clothes in half of the big suitcase!

I've been doing much better since my meltdown the other day! The car is "kinda" fixed to quote Richard, so I can make it another day! I had another day full of wonderful therapy yesterday. We had a play date with the girls from work.
What child wouldn't be thrilled to play on that...of course Noah is not quite steady enough for that much fun, but the big kids loved it! So did their parents because the kids completely entertained themselves with only a few "slow downs", "don't go head first", and "one at a times"...typical mom jargon!
This was more Noah's speed, he did end up in it at one point.

He was a happy guy, I can't wait to see him at the beach!
After our date, we headed to meet my Mom (Nana) to trade cars and return some of my impulses from the day before...or should I say replace the impulses from the day before?

Noah, being the shopping trooper he is, was entertaining Nana along with all the other people in the store. That would be the display pack-n-play, wonder how he got in there?? He loves to go in any direction you aren't! I've wasted enough time! Plus Richie just called to check on my status...we're supposed to load the car tonight...oh its gonna be a late one!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Went to therapy today!

Oh and it was good! The reason for the needed therapy started when Richie's car broke on Saturday...don't ask me what's wrong, I don't do cars. Since the car is broken, that leaves us with one car...luckily I have the summer off, so that shouldn't be a big deal...NOT! I was left yesterday at 7 am with Noah and no car for the entire day, not that we are socialites, but I felt so trapped! It was a long day ending in the dinner battle where the dogs eat more of Noah's dinner that he did. So long story short, we leave for vacation on Saturday, we have to trade vehicles with my parents because the ark members don't fit in our Liberty, I still have shopping to do...and of course we can't get Richard's car fixed at a dealership, because that would be simple. So this morning I woke up with anxiety up to my throat...I'm anal and there is no plan...I NEED PLANS! Luckily it was a day care day for Noah today, so we dropped him off and we went to bring Richie to work. The anxiety continued to build, and I'm getting mean and snappy and I'm sure Richard just wanted to get to work to get away from me...I don't blame him. I dropped him off and enjoyed my 5-speed, sometimes that's the best solution to a bad day! As I pulled into my therapy session the glowing red light calmed me immediately. Ahhh Target! I went to find a bathing suit....never exciting...and ended up with a bathing so much more! As I slowly went down every aisle I could breath again. No one was crying, pulling on my legs or asking me if I really needed this. It was then decided I was going to redo our hall bathroom...I shouldn't say redo, I should just say do. It's like the hodge podge of leftover bathroom stuff.

This is what had inspired me to decorate Noah's bathroom with a fish theme. He made this at daycare, and I love it. It was just the baggie that said Noah's Ocean on it, I framed it and added the seashell. I plan on changing out the tape with something else. Best part is, these frames have been sitting around here well as the shells!

More things just sitting around! We took this picture last year and its been sitting in the Walmart envelope ever since. Added the sea shell too.

$1.25 floor mat! Love the dollar section, also got foam bathroom letters!

Instead of buying the expensive kiddie shower curtains, I just got the blue circles...reminds me of bubbles and the cute wall hanging that says "Go Fish".

And then my inner crafty diva came out...I think I've been reading a few too many crafty blogs! This basket sits on the back of our toilet ( I moved this book to the front for the picture, it really just holds sudoku puzzles). I had the ribbon already and added the shells! I am so proud!

Last but not least, the one ever remembers to burn it, so why not decorate it...after I cleaned all the dust off!

So therapy was very successful for me today. After my Target therapy and Walmart therapy and Petsmart therapy, I returned to my husband and did a little Old Navy therapy. We then happily ate lunch together, and I haven't seen him since (remember we couldn't get the car fixed at a dealership, so he's at his sister's fixing it). Noah ate nicely and I am now okay. Until the next anxiety attack comes on, but I will have my check card prepared for the next time!
**Please note, this may be the only time I ever post crafty things I've done, I will have to return to work in August, and then I don't have time for anything, except a little therapy!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Meet the Crew

Our "ark" is small but we love it. I am affectionately calling it the ark, because this is definitely Noah's house. Speaking of Noah, he's currently napping, which is the only time it's quiet around here.

My husband Richard (who I usually call Richie, and get constantly reminded that I am the only adult who is allowed to call him that) have been together for seven years, married for 3. He works as a retail manager and I'm a school counselor at an elementary school. Richard is the down to earth, practical one, and I'm the one that usually needs to be pulled back down to earth...makes life more interesting!

Our first child is Mandy. No she doesn't normally wear clothes, it was a Christmas present. Mandy is the true definition of a female dog. She doesn't like a whole lot of people or other animals...she barks too much, growls at people, but I love her, she's just misunderstood! After a few years (and in true ark fashion - gotta have two of everything) we had to get another dog...I think Richie just wanted a "real" dog. We then welcomed our second child into the home, Kapone. Kapone came into our lives this cute, cuddly, non-shedding puppy.

Two years later we now have a 80 lb., drooling, shedding, but still cuddly, thinks he's puppy, dog! Love him to death, and he's the best toy Noah could have. Mandy has learned to love him, but its definitely a sibling relationship!

Now to our human child! Noah entered this world June 8th, 2008, 2 in the morning. He arrived two weeks early because he was tired of waiting...and he's been ready to go ever since. After 38 weeks of swollen feet, gestational diabetes, two trips to the hospital for high heart rates, being breach, Noah decided he was choosing his own birthday, not the one the doctors had chosen for him. We were so happy to have him out and with us. At 8lb 12oz, and an amazingly large head, he was a big guy, but we loved every piece of him. Having Noah has taught me what life is all about, loving each other no matter is too short to worry about the stupid fights, enjoy every moment, no matter how exciting or boring and be thankful you have that moment.

Noah just celebrated his first birthday. This has probably been the fastest year ever! Noah now walks, says "Hi", gives kisses, and thinks he's the funniest kid ever...I'd have to agree with him. When we first choose to name him Noah, it was because I looked at his ultrasound picture and decided he looked like a Noah...don't ask. But as Richard and I became more involved in church and became closer with God, I read a lot more about Noah, and why God chose Noah to build the ark. My hope for my child is that he has that same kind of love and faith in God.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thoughts from a mom of a 1 year old...

I stuck my finger in poo this morning by accident, and giggled to myself, this should totally gross me out...but it doesn' has my thought process changed in a year. Here are some more random questions and thoughts, I wonder if anyone else ever feels the same???

-Why must you cling to my leg and scream as I make dinner?

-Is everything really that tragic that you must scream at the top of your lungs?

-5:30 am isn't really that great of a time to wake up...can we please try for 6:30?

-We could save so much on diapers if you'd poop in them, before I change them!

-I should really stop buying you toys because you are so much more entertained with shoes, underwear, the dogs, bowls and remotes.

-Why don't you understand No...I think its just entertainment to get me to say it again!

-Why is it that one day you like peas and the next day they are on the floor, same with cheese, bread, hot dogs....

-Have I taken a shower today...or this week?

-Why are you quiet in church while they are singing and then decide to "talk" when everyone's quiet??

I think the answer to all these questions is, this is what being a mommy is all about! I wouldn't trade it for anything...well maybe the sleeping in part! Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

About Time!

My efforts to scrapbook my son's first year have been futile...I give props to anyone who can find the time and keep up with it. I still haven't finished my wedding scrapbook and that was 3 years ago...So this is my new endeavor to keep up with the amazing changes that occur in our busy lives!

These are the men in my life...Noah is the cute one, and Richard's the big guy...not that he isn't cute too! They are both blessings in my life and both continue to teach me new things everyday!