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The Blaines
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sickies and Architects

So I'm not a nut, Noah really was sick, he had an ear infection! Score one for mommy! But I was then knocked on my hiney with strep throat AGAIN...seriously, isn't that some kiddy illness? That's three times in like 4 months, so I have a visit to the ENT scheduled...oh boy! Guess there's something good about not working all summer, I can spend my break with a raw throat and smoothies! Gotta find that silver lining!

Now that Noah is back to normal...not quite sure what that is, but that's what they tell me at his school...he's been very busy.

He's following in his Daddy's interest of architecture and has built his own house! When he brought it home from school, we promptly added all his Little People. And P.S. he can spell his name, like on the box (I'm not bragging or anything)

Well I need to get back to my busy day of sitting on my couch and my new obsession of FarmVille (which is very educational for Noah, he likes my horses). My Mom came and got Noah so I could "rest"....I'm sure there was no other motive there!

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yo momma! said...

Busted! I had your best interests at heart...but mine too! It was a win-win situation! Dad and I loved having him here and playing, even if he had a time-out a few times. I love being part of his life! Hope you are better...take it easy at school this week....Love you