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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Best Job Ever!

I don't think I ever interviewed for this job, some days I don't think I'm qualified enough and some days I just would like to quit. My job has gotten me very dirty some days and has me doing things I never ever imagined I would do. My job requires me to be extremely creative and able to think quickly on the spot. My job also requires to me slow down when needed and listen to what's being said...some days I need a translator and other days I act as the translator. I have to be available 24 hours a day and I'm not allowed to call in sick. I must be able to cook, sing, and clean....often all at the same time. Multi-tasking is very important to my job. Some days I have to have a really good sense of humor and other days I have to keep my laughter hidden underneath my hand. I always have to watch what I say and manners are of the utmost importance. I have to have a big heart and doctor's hands for all the physical and emotional injuries I deal with on a daily basis!

With all this job requires, you'd wonder why anyone would want a 24 hour a day non-stop job...well because it comes with the best rewards ever. I can get the biggest smile ever by just playing some Sugarland in the car. I get millions of snotty, wet kisses. I get hugs that come with a grunt. I am a hero just by picking someone up. I get to cheer on silly little things that happen every day. I get to dance and sing to an audience who thinks I'm a rock star! I get to be reminded every day how much God loves me. I am allowed to be a little late, and everyone understands. I always get to buy new clothes because someone is always growing! My house can be a mess and people understand! I have the best job title in the world...Mommy! Happy Mother's Day to all you awesome Mommys who have great jobs too!


mom said...

...and you do an awesome job, Carly! You and Richard have inspired a very creative little guy to be so lovable and fun to be around. Thanks for giving me joy twice...once when you were born and again with a very special little boy!I love you so much!

The Busy Blaine's said...

Beautiful Carly!!!