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Friday, June 21, 2013

Dancing Queen!

Today has just been a gift from God! I know everyday is, but today I feel him in every bone in my body. Ellie was scheduled to go inpatient on Thursday for her next chemo meds...the ones that usually hit her hard.  When I was talking to Richard Wednesday night I said "I really don't want to go in the hospital tomorrow" ...and then we show up Thursday and she can't get her chemo because her counts were too low! Boy did I have a "be careful what you wish for moment!" I felt bad, we'd never had that happen before...didn't even know that could happen.  As I asked what we had to do to get her counts back up, they told me "we wait"...umm do they know me? As much as I've learned on this journey with Ellie, I still haven't learned how to wait very well.  My mind went racing, what if it took her a week to get her counts back up, then we'd be way off schedule...and I LOVE a schedule! I'd never been so bummed to leave the hospital.  Ellie's cranky mood wasn't helping either....possibly because she had been up till after 11 the night before....she just wasn't in the mood for sleeping. We got home, she slept for 3 hours, I crocheted and we all felt better when it was dinner time! We snuggled, watched some La la loopsy and hit the sack! Oh and we prayed! Ellie is getting so good at her own prayers "dear God thank you for daddy not feel sad and Noah not feel sad, thank you for all the doctors and all the nurses...any body else? And please help take my cancer away! Amen". She whispers them..too funny.

I should have known what a good day it was going to be when Ellie got up on her own and woke me up, she usually just lays there until I poke my head in. She ate and smiled.  As I rolled the suitcase to the back of the van again...I didn't know what to expect. We got to St. Jude and there was lots of parking open (that hasn't been the case recently as we've been hiking a few days through the lots!) we checked in and the registration lady told me, like she does every day, just how blessed I am (I know...but it's nice to hear it!). After we got her blood work done, we had to wait (you'd really think I'd be much better at this waiting thing by now).  As we went to get her snack bag, there was a group doing arts and crafts with the kids...that happens a lot around here.  As we walked up smiling faces were greeting us...we couldn't pass them by! They were with an organization called "Fitness for a Cure" and they raise money for St. Jude.  They have a performance team who had traveled from Boston to visit.  As we made our picture frames, Ellie loosened up...there were stickers involved so she was on cloud nine.  Two frames later we still haven't gotten her snack bag yet...we headed that way when more friendly faces stopped to talk to us from this team.  Ellie was taken away by some of the girls on the team and off she went to make another frame.  I was left talking to some wonderful women. I got to share our story, I got to share just how God has lead us down this path.  I easily share my faith when I type, but sometimes in face to face conversations, I get nervous (worried what they will think) but today was so easy. 45 minutes later, we still don't have our snack bag, but Ellie is actually talking to people, we have a beautiful blessing bracelet, a necklace and an invite back to the noon performance. Biggest blessing, the time flew by waiting for her blood work results! Oh and she requested they sing and dance to Jingle Bells which they happily did out loud!
So Ellie's ANC didn't just go up a nearly tripled.  Again I watched this little girl start chatting and being silly with her doctor.  We were a go for we went to get our last meal in before going upstairs.  She chowed down on a hot dog and we made it just in time for our new friends performance. She didn't sit in her seat long, up dancing she went...she even handed monkey to the girl beside us so she could go dance.  Tears welled up in my eyes...this is my daughter, care free, full of energy and dancing feet, just like her momma! She wasn't nervous, she didn't hold back. As funny as it is to watch her not talk to people on purpose, it's sad at the same time, that it has gotten to this point. But today there is a change in her...she has even spoken to her nurse once we got upstairs. 
I just can't thank God enough for today.  I needed today, I needed to smile and see my daughter smile.  I needed to not feel like my child had cancer today and she was just a 2 year old with some sweet dance moves! I needed to feel God's presence all around me.  The next couple of days are going to be tough, so I am beyond grateful (and shouldn't be surprised) that my God knew exactly what to do and when to do it.

"Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!” Psalm 27:14

Prayers, Praise and Pink (from in the big house)

Can't exactly get the video of her dancing from my phone to the ipad, but if you go to Ellie's Facebook page, I'll post it there!

1 comment:

carleen riley said...

Miss Ellie is a very lucky girl to have you as her mommy! God is with you and he gave you a wonderful day.. I was so happy to see her laughing and dancing in the video. ((hugs)) Hope the next couple of days are not too bad.. Hang in there god is on your side!!