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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time in the land of Old Navy, a young man laid eyes on a young lady. He gathered up the courage to ask her on a date, and after three tries she finally said yes! However the young lady had to return to Old Dominion to continue her education.  The two quickly fell in love even though there was much distance between them.  Over the next few years they had many adventures together and the time finally came where the young man felt he wanted to ask the young lady to be his wife.  So on a magical night, next to a sparkling tree in the kingdom of Central Park, he got down on one knee and proposed.  The young lady cried and said Yes!

Over the next year they planned a wonderful celebration full of family and friends, and enjoyed dancing the night away!

After their marriage the happy couple left the land of the beach, and moved to the land of Orange to conquer new kingdoms.

Soon the couple was blessed with their first son, Sir Noah.

They enjoyed their son so much and loved bringing him to church and playing outside with him.  He began to help them understand unconditional love so much better.

As time went by, the family of 3 learned they were going to have a little princess joining their family.  Princess Ellie came into the world during some snow, and brought with her joy! Sir Noah fell in love with his new baby sister, as did his daddy.

The lady of the house was so happy to finally have a girl to share all things girly with.  In fact Princess Ellie inspired her mommy to take on a new craft of crocheting, to ensure that the Princess had a hair bow for every outfit!

The children grew and the house was full of chaos and love.  Soon they learned their family would again be growing and another princess would soon be making her arrival.

However right before Princess Ellie's 2nd birthday an evil villain attacked the Princess.  She began to get sick and nothing her parents did made her any better.  The kingdom's doctors did their best to figure out what this villain was, however it was sneaky and hid itself well inside the Princess' beautiful head. Finally after weeks of illness, the villain was discovered and the best surgeon in the land flew in to try to get the villain out.  It was a stubborn villain, much like the princess herself, and the surgeon could only remove part of him.  The husband and wife soon learned the name of this evil villain, Pineoblastoma.  Together they vowed to continue to worship their King Jesus, and fight this villain one day at a time.  The kingdom turned pink in honor of the young Princess, and the members of the kingdom blessed the family continually.  The newest princess, Sarah-Grace was born and Sir Noah and Princess Ellie both adored their new sister.

Soon Princess Ellie and her Daddy headed to a far away kingdom of St. Jude that was better suited to battle this villain. Though they were far apart and there were days that they were scared, they continued to honor their King, knowing that the King had chosen this special family to fight this fight.

This royal family joined forces again and once together they were unstoppable, with the super power to make anyone laugh with just one glance.

Princess Ellie endured many different medicines, lost her hair, and some weight, but never once complained about her situation.  She loved the new royal doctors who were helping her battle, and although silent, she would show her love through stickers and smiles.  The family finally won the battle!  The villain had been destroyed! Praise to the King!

However this villain, did not like being defeated, in fact it quickly gathered an army of other villains and re invaded the young Princess' head.  Their hearts ached, but they knew their King was continuing to escort them on this journey and although they could not always see Him, He knew what was happening.  The royal doctors did all they could to defeat the villain and his armies, but they were too powerful and plentiful.  The husband and wife told each other how much they loved one another and then they turned the battle over to the King.  
The King took over and gave them peace in their hearts and allowed them time to enjoy one another in their own kingdom.  Princess Ellie spent much time with her royal family, especially the youngest princess, teaching her all the royal ways.

They even took a trip to a magical kingdom, where Princess Ellie was surrounded by her fellow princesses who showed her lots of love and support.

As the Princess grew tired, her parents knew her time in the land of Orange was nearing an end.  They continued to ask their King for a miracle, but also asked Him to guard their hearts and not allow they to become angry.  Princess Ellie soon left this earthly land, only to take her place in the Kingdom of her Lord.  She left behind a family forever touched by the villain, but also forever strengthened by the King.  

Soon after Princess Ellie left Orange, the royal family was again blessed by the King with another beautiful girl, Princess Lulah.

And Sir Noah was given another Princess to protect.  Princess Ellie continues to reign in the hearts of many.  The sky often turns pink and the family's hearts flutter and they praise the King for allowing them those little blessings and reminders of a sweet girl who accomplished so much in such little time.  The family also is grateful to serve as a beacon of hope to other kingdoms and families who are battling the same villain.  They hope to continue to let their light shine for their King Jesus.

The mom and dad of this royal family have surely suffered heartache.  They have often looked at each other and cried without the right words to be said, but they are comforted in knowing there is a plan that the King has created, and all they have gone through is for the good.  

As the mom in this fairy tale, I can't thank my King enough for providing a husband to me who tries his best to understand and support me.  Who holds me when I cry and brings me back to reality when I'm going nuts.  Who lifts me up and always knows when I need a hug.
I love you Richard and I'm so thankful I get to spend my Happily Ever After with you.

Happy Anniversary!

Prayers, Praise and Pink


Christina Rigney said...


Anonymous said...

Absolutely should write a book!

Annette said...

This is wonderful and well written. Thank you for sharing.

monika said...

I love this beautiful rendition of your tale. I know Princess Ellie has a family to be proud of as she watches from heaven. I am thankful for your example of faith, hope, love, acceptance, joy, and peaceful courage. The true test is remaining faithful and valiant through the storms and tears. Thank you for always sharing honestly and reverently. I always feel the Holy Spirit when I read your blog!

Nicole Melvin said...

Beautiful!!! I loved it, I must read this to layla one night

Nicole Melvin said...

Beautiful!!! I loved it, I must read this to layla one night