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Buggin' For a Cure

Buggin' For a Cure
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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Going Green

This past weekend, Noah and I, and 200 or so other people got together to support St. Jude, at Crop for a Cure.  If you remember from last post, I told you about Noah's goal of raising $3000 for St. Jude!  If he raised $3000 he got to dye his hair green, once he passed $3000 he aimed for $4000, and if he hit that, Mommy would get some pink in her hair.

I don't know if I can quite find the words to say what this past weekend meant to me.  I got to watch my son in action...although quiet action, he did it.  He wheeled his snack cart around, quietly offering beverages and snacks to over 200 ladies...and maybe a gentleman or two.

 He made it through half a gym, all by himself before his emotions got the best of him, and I couldn't help but gladly step in and help him with the rest of the gym.  I witnessed all these women, especially the Tri Deltas just open their arms to Noah, just like they have to me.

I can't leave out the guys who were right there with Noah, supporting him. 
Both these sweet men, went green with Noah...of course for a price!  The day of the crop, Noah pulled in over $600 with his snack cart, people just handing him money and selling more of his magnets!  In the end, Noah's total money raised for St. Jude was approximately $5000!

I also had the pleasure of sharing our story with this crowd.  Speaking for me, while nerve wracking is so therapeutic in a way. Luckily, right before I spoke, someone donated a massage to me, so I had 15 minutes to myself, to breathe and just relax!  Two years in a row now, I've been allowed to speak about Ellie, St. Jude and most importantly God. This year Noah inspired me to speak about being courageous...and in true courageous Noahman fashion, when I began to tear up while speaking, he put his arm around me.  This child's heart is so big. You can read the speech here

Let your light shine before men, so they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. Matt 5:16

All these fundraisers are not about me.  And for a minute this time around, my vision got a little blurry about what these are all about.  I got in a little wrapped up in thinking this was about Ellie, and if people weren't donating it must mean Ellie isn't important to them. That's when God had a little "talking to" with me, through a normal chat with my mom.  I was sharing frustrations, and for the first time I really heard what I was saying.  It's not about me or Ellie.  It's not about her memory. It's about representing the Lord through my words and actions.  It's about helping others and expecting nothing in return.  The joy I get from talking about Ellie is just a nice side gift that God gives to me. The funny part is (or should we say the God part) that once I let go of my "stinking thinking" and got my brain on straight donations starting going up and up. And I'm proud to say that the Crop for a Cure's soft total raised for this 10th annual event was $57,726.42!  That's God bringing a ton of people together from all over to raise money for His children!

Thank you all so much for helping Noah go green, for giving Mommy a reality check and for allowing us to shine in your lives!  We love you all!

Prayers, Praise and Pink

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