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Monday, November 23, 2009

The life of a retail wife

Sure we get clothes for cheap and we know about the sales ahead of time....but we also have to deal with things like black Friday! I have been so hard on the hubby about all his hours this week. I don't do my best to understand why he works what he works and I think I want him to feel guilty about it. Well the Lord kinda yelled at me last night...I wouldn't call it yelling...I got a stern talking to. I so easily forget that my husband could not have a job, or his could be the only job in our house. I forget that without his job we wouldn't have health care, without his job we couldn't buy food and gas. I think its so easy to complain about what's wrong with our lives when we should just be thankful that we have the life we have, things could be completely different!

So since I had my "talking to" last night, I guess God decided to cut me a break tonight. Richard's closing tonight, and its just me and Noah and the dogs. If you know my child, he doesn't sit still for anything, he doesn't cuddle, he is always in motion (unless Blue's Clues is on). Well tonight he crawled up in my lap and kept saying "Daddy?" My heart breaks because Richard's not here and is missing this. And I explain Daddy's at work, and Noah keeps on "Daddy?" pointing at the front door, the firefighter hat Richard puts on, the bedroom...and I just start crying because I wish so bad he was here. That sweet child looks me in the eyes rubs my cheek and says "k?" I think he was asking me if I was okay or telling me it would be ok...who knows, but that sent my heart through the roof and I knew we'd be "k". He continued to sit in my lap for the next 15 minutes and just babbled on and rubbed my cheek. Even pointed to the tears and said "cry". It was over quickly but it was the most fantastic 15 minutes I've had in a while.

People get so caught up in Black Friday, that they forget there is actually a holiday in there to celebrate what you are thankful for. Personally I don't care for black Friday...I'm told as Noah gets older and wants things I will...but I doubt it. I think its ridiculous my husband has to be at work at 1am...but I'm happy he has a job to go to and I guess if people weren't so crazy about black Friday then my husband wouldn't be doing well at his store. So I'll be thankful for black Friday...but mostly thankful for my family and the moments where a 17 month old can look into your soul and let you know its all gonna be "k".

Happy Thanksgiving!

Please don't call CPS on us...he put that bucket on his head on his own and there is plenty of extra space in it. You should see these two with their "hats" while they march around the house...Noah loves to "mars" (march).


Tina-Mom said...

Isn't it wonderful that he gave you a "reality check"? I'm so glad you had those minutes with your little man. You have a wonderful gift in that little boy. Can't wait to see you both! Love you

The Busy Blaine's said...

Oh dear Carly the evenings I spent at home with kids while W was working, I can sooo relate. But I also can relate to the moment where you realize why they do what they do. We are so blessed to have husbands that will work, I know so many that don't have that. And in the back of their minds it is just as hard for them to be gone and that is why they give 110% when they are with you. There will be things he will miss but there will be things that he will make so much more fun than you ever thought possible. And Noah is right... it will all be "k". Love you guys!!!