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The Blaines
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

oh yeah I have a blog....

Happy Thanksgiving, Crazy Blizzard Day, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, MLK Day and Happy Birthday Richard! I think that catches me up! We have had a great holiday season, it was super busy with a lot of people to see and places to go, but we made it! Our holiday was filled with lots of family and lots of love. Noah even made his first trip to New York...six hours in a car...thank you portable DVD player!!! Those two weeks off flew by and I was kinda happy to go back to work and get some type of routine back in my life...although I'm sure Noah misses sleeping in till 8, I know I sure do!
I can't seem to operate the photo uploader so I can't brag about my cute kid or the cool presents he got, or how much he loves them all! But that also means I can show you the toy explosion my house has turned into! I have a feeling we will never have enough room for all our stuff...but I can handle that!
Noah is continuing to surprise me daily! He counted to 10 one day out of the blue...but he still can't figure out that you're supposed to say 1 first..hehe. He knows 12 and 13! He absolutely loves the word "no"...even when he means yes. He talks...a lot. He will always repeat the last word in your sentence. At this moment, he's in his room waking up from his nap, talking to himself...I shall enjoy these last few minutes! We've started using the potty! I've never spent so much time in a bathroom....we might as well put a toy box and a book case in the bathroom. My favorite is when we sit there for 20 minutes with no success go back to his room to put his diaper on, get the diaper on, and he says "potty" and off we go to sit for another 15 minutes. But the look on his face when his potty plays the music because he went is priceless...I'd love to catch that on film...but the 30 minutes before hand of waiting may bore some people! He's starting to play nicer with others and play more on his own. I sure just wish it would stop raining so I could get him outside, man boys are full of energy! And quiet time is over...his majesty is calling!

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