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Sunday, August 15, 2010

When did August get here?

As my mother so lovingly reminded me..."Umm you have a lot of updating to do" You'd think for someone who has the summer off, I'd be a whole lot better at updating my blog...but no...being off of work for me, means not doing anything!

Our summer started off with a big surprise...actually before we even started summer!

Yup that's right, on June 4th we found out that Baby Blaine #2 is on the way! A lot of people asked if this was planned, and I kinda have to giggle, it was someone's plan! I guess God decided it was time, which through Planner Polly me into a mini panic...which I got over in the next two minutes! How exciting, we've been blessed with a whole new life!

I've also been blessed with my friend gestational diabetes again, and I'm an overachiever so it had already shown up at just 11 weeks! I gotta say I'm kicking it's butt! It's NOT easy to count carbs while you're prego, but totally worth it! The other plus side is I get to see my baby more often!

Richard says it doesn't look like a girl's face...honestly it's a little scary looking to me, we never saw Noah before 22 weeks, so I guess the smaller they are, the more alien they look!She's looking right at us! That's right I said she...which I'm not supposed to do, but oh well! I asked the ultrasound tech if she could tell the sex. She laughed and said it was a little early (14 weeks) but if I promised not to get mad if she was wrong she'd tell me what she thought. She thought it looked like a girl (no boy parts in sight)...but told me not to go buy paint yet! I was super excited because I've guessed it was a boy since the beginning. I am secretly planning a girls room...but I'll be just as happy if it's a boy (but girl clothes are so much cuter!)

With all this chaos going favorite little man turned two! He was so excited to make a birthday cake for school! He even helped decorate it.
We decided to keep this baby news a secret until Noah's birthday party...not was three weeks of silence...which is very hard for me, I have a big mouth! I thought this t-shirt would be the perfect way to tell everyone...little did I know our families don't read! The only one who read his shirt and got it was my little sister! Oh well, it was still really cute!
We enjoyed a day of lots of sun, heat, family and friends, we even had some unexpected New York family come, which was really exciting! I had my personal photographer document the day (Thanks Cay Cay). How does any mom take pictures and be a mom at the same time?

My dad aka. Grandaddy, was a big help that day, along with my great hubby, they put up so many pop-ups, grilled and helped clean up. I don't know how to describe what Noah does for my Dad, but it's something special. Noah is such a special kid, of course I say that because he's mine, but this kid has a purpose in life, and it's not to drive his momma crazy, which he's very good at, but God has big things planned for this kid, I know it!

We opened tons of presents and ate my froggie cupcakes, which I am very proud of. I found my inner Martha or Rachel or someone who can make cute and creative foods!

`I think that may cover all of June...or most of it! Hopefully in my last two days of freedom before I go back to work, I can cover the rest!

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