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The Blaines
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Buggin' For a Cure
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Sunday, April 3, 2011


We needed some fresh air before I went back to work, so we took a family trip up to Skyline Drive a few weeks ago. We packed our picnic and off we went. Hoping to find a trail we could all walk, we set off. Noah said we were going to look for mountains with our binoculars! Believe it or not, Noah walked the entire 1.3 mile trail. He never really cried to be carried. He more cried when he had his "hiking stick" taken away because he was going to poke his eye out, or when he had to hold hands because the trail we picked had an incline like Mt. Everest! (Please note Daddy has the binoculars with look for mountains of course)

Noah was so excited to see some snow!
Ellie hung (literally) in there with me! She barely made a peep the entire time!
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Ellie's in there...somewhere!

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