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The Blaines
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm back....

at work! I know I'm back at work because we haven't eaten a "real" planned dinner in two weeks now, because I'm currently doing 3 loads of laundry on a Sunday, my house is a wreck, I haven't been on facebook in two days, I have pictures on my camera that I haven't taken off in a month and my poor dogs were eating treats for dinner because we were out of dog food! I do love being back at work though...I love seeing the kids and how much they've grown, I love watching Kindergartners discovery of all things school. Noah is back in day care full time and having a wonderful time. Last week he worked on numbers 1-5....he's brilliant! This is why I love his daycare, its like preschool for a one year old! He's currently whipping out words like he's known them forever! He said his cousin's name last weekend, and at the moment is asking me "up please" he would like to type too!
Went and saw Sugarland and Keith Urban last love love Sugarland, they are fabulous...Keith wasn't so bad either! The best part was being with my two best friends, my mom and little sister!
Best news of all, we finally bought a car! It took all day yesterday, a whole lot of driving, tears and prayers, but we did it! I won't go into a million details, but let's just say I am amazed daily at people and I never wish to go car shopping again! Nothing against car salesmen...It just took me all day to find one I liked and respected. In the end I love the new car...I'm happy to have a big family car that won't be smushed up! Pics to come later...remember I'm back at work...who knows when those pictures will come off the camera!

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Mom said...

Thanks for the wonderful compliment! You made my day! So glad you got a car...enjoy it! and it was wonderful that Noah said "Nana", even if he wouldn't repeat it since...keep working on that! I hope to see you this coming weekend!!! I love you!