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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What I'm most thankful for

Oh wow....I don't even know where to start...I've sat down numerous times to do this and then something else happens. Two weeks ago today Richard was in a car accident, not just a fender bender, a slammed from behind accident. The kind where they took him away in an ambulance and I had to drive to the ER to get him (a whole other event all on its own). I had talked to him on the phone, so I knew he was okay, but you know what your brain can do on an hour car ride, I kept thinking what if something happened on the way, what would I do without him. And amazingly I knew I would be okay, that the Lord would take care of me and Noah and we would survive. And I thanked God for saving my husband, because I knew if he did pass, that he would be in a wonderful place, waiting for me to get there. I never imagined in a million years that I would think this way, it sounded so morbid telling Richard this later, but he understood, in fact he said he had thanked God for saving him too. It's so amazing the changes in your life when you let the Lord in!

I am so thankful that the car took the worst of the accident, but Richie still is hurting. I have a new appreciation for single moms because for a week I did everything...being mom and dad is tough work. Also helps me see how blessed I am to have the husband I do! Since the car accident we've had a lot of phone calls, visitors and prayers. I still look at that car and tear up in praise for God because I know he kept my husband safe.
Some of our visitors included some of Noah's favorite cousins...and they came bearing gifts...even better! He loves his new wagon, he continually climbs in and out of it, hides things in it and tries to get us to pull him in it! And yes, it has cup holders!

Besides a new wagon we will be needing a new car, which should be an exciting thing, but it just brings on a whole lot of anxiety! I dislike all things that have to do with negotiating...I would be an awful car salesman. The mustang was paid the thought of new car payments is nerve wracking....but then I look back at that picture and I'm glad the mustang is gone, and I'm glad Noah wasn't in that car...and that I remember we can do all things through Him and it will all work out, maybe not the way I imagine it, but it will work out. So I've been all over the computer looking at cars, figuring out numbers, and my sweet little guy has been so good. He hangs out in the computer room with me, travels from one place to another, and just enjoys life.

Sometimes I get too wrapped up in what I'm doing and things like this occur...and it reminds me to pay attention! The cars will always be there to buy, this one year old is growing too quickly to miss out! The words coming out of his mouth are amazing...(they are good words)...he continues to surprise me with his new things and just when I think my heart can't take anymore, it grows a little bigger to fit all that love in! I have to go back to work in two days and I'm ready. I need some schedule back in my life...but I sure will miss silly moments like this!


The Busy Blaine's said...

Oh dear sister how right you are!! God forbid anything worse would have happened to him but with HIM you would be ok. I can't tell you the joy and tears that just poured out of me reading this post. We thank God for protecting Richard!! We love you guys sooooo much!!!

Carly said...

Thank you for loving us always!