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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Went to therapy today!

Oh and it was good! The reason for the needed therapy started when Richie's car broke on Saturday...don't ask me what's wrong, I don't do cars. Since the car is broken, that leaves us with one car...luckily I have the summer off, so that shouldn't be a big deal...NOT! I was left yesterday at 7 am with Noah and no car for the entire day, not that we are socialites, but I felt so trapped! It was a long day ending in the dinner battle where the dogs eat more of Noah's dinner that he did. So long story short, we leave for vacation on Saturday, we have to trade vehicles with my parents because the ark members don't fit in our Liberty, I still have shopping to do...and of course we can't get Richard's car fixed at a dealership, because that would be simple. So this morning I woke up with anxiety up to my throat...I'm anal and there is no plan...I NEED PLANS! Luckily it was a day care day for Noah today, so we dropped him off and we went to bring Richie to work. The anxiety continued to build, and I'm getting mean and snappy and I'm sure Richard just wanted to get to work to get away from me...I don't blame him. I dropped him off and enjoyed my 5-speed, sometimes that's the best solution to a bad day! As I pulled into my therapy session the glowing red light calmed me immediately. Ahhh Target! I went to find a bathing suit....never exciting...and ended up with a bathing so much more! As I slowly went down every aisle I could breath again. No one was crying, pulling on my legs or asking me if I really needed this. It was then decided I was going to redo our hall bathroom...I shouldn't say redo, I should just say do. It's like the hodge podge of leftover bathroom stuff.

This is what had inspired me to decorate Noah's bathroom with a fish theme. He made this at daycare, and I love it. It was just the baggie that said Noah's Ocean on it, I framed it and added the seashell. I plan on changing out the tape with something else. Best part is, these frames have been sitting around here well as the shells!

More things just sitting around! We took this picture last year and its been sitting in the Walmart envelope ever since. Added the sea shell too.

$1.25 floor mat! Love the dollar section, also got foam bathroom letters!

Instead of buying the expensive kiddie shower curtains, I just got the blue circles...reminds me of bubbles and the cute wall hanging that says "Go Fish".

And then my inner crafty diva came out...I think I've been reading a few too many crafty blogs! This basket sits on the back of our toilet ( I moved this book to the front for the picture, it really just holds sudoku puzzles). I had the ribbon already and added the shells! I am so proud!

Last but not least, the one ever remembers to burn it, so why not decorate it...after I cleaned all the dust off!

So therapy was very successful for me today. After my Target therapy and Walmart therapy and Petsmart therapy, I returned to my husband and did a little Old Navy therapy. We then happily ate lunch together, and I haven't seen him since (remember we couldn't get the car fixed at a dealership, so he's at his sister's fixing it). Noah ate nicely and I am now okay. Until the next anxiety attack comes on, but I will have my check card prepared for the next time!
**Please note, this may be the only time I ever post crafty things I've done, I will have to return to work in August, and then I don't have time for anything, except a little therapy!

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The Busy Blaine's said...

Can I tell you EXCITED I am!!!! Welcome to the blogging world!! You will never be the same..And I must say.... way to go on the bathroom you crafty diva!!! I love you guys and can't wait to see you!!

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