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The Blaines
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Meet the Crew

Our "ark" is small but we love it. I am affectionately calling it the ark, because this is definitely Noah's house. Speaking of Noah, he's currently napping, which is the only time it's quiet around here.

My husband Richard (who I usually call Richie, and get constantly reminded that I am the only adult who is allowed to call him that) have been together for seven years, married for 3. He works as a retail manager and I'm a school counselor at an elementary school. Richard is the down to earth, practical one, and I'm the one that usually needs to be pulled back down to earth...makes life more interesting!

Our first child is Mandy. No she doesn't normally wear clothes, it was a Christmas present. Mandy is the true definition of a female dog. She doesn't like a whole lot of people or other animals...she barks too much, growls at people, but I love her, she's just misunderstood! After a few years (and in true ark fashion - gotta have two of everything) we had to get another dog...I think Richie just wanted a "real" dog. We then welcomed our second child into the home, Kapone. Kapone came into our lives this cute, cuddly, non-shedding puppy.

Two years later we now have a 80 lb., drooling, shedding, but still cuddly, thinks he's puppy, dog! Love him to death, and he's the best toy Noah could have. Mandy has learned to love him, but its definitely a sibling relationship!

Now to our human child! Noah entered this world June 8th, 2008, 2 in the morning. He arrived two weeks early because he was tired of waiting...and he's been ready to go ever since. After 38 weeks of swollen feet, gestational diabetes, two trips to the hospital for high heart rates, being breach, Noah decided he was choosing his own birthday, not the one the doctors had chosen for him. We were so happy to have him out and with us. At 8lb 12oz, and an amazingly large head, he was a big guy, but we loved every piece of him. Having Noah has taught me what life is all about, loving each other no matter is too short to worry about the stupid fights, enjoy every moment, no matter how exciting or boring and be thankful you have that moment.

Noah just celebrated his first birthday. This has probably been the fastest year ever! Noah now walks, says "Hi", gives kisses, and thinks he's the funniest kid ever...I'd have to agree with him. When we first choose to name him Noah, it was because I looked at his ultrasound picture and decided he looked like a Noah...don't ask. But as Richard and I became more involved in church and became closer with God, I read a lot more about Noah, and why God chose Noah to build the ark. My hope for my child is that he has that same kind of love and faith in God.

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