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The Blaines
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Men, Cows and Blinkers

What more could a girl ask for??? So the car is loaded and ready to go, didn't think it would happen since Richie got home an hour and a half later then he was supposed to, but he was determined. And when he finished loading the car, boy was he proud. Does anyone else have a man in their life who seems to be the most proud when he has loaded the car so compactly that there needs to be a map drawn to remember how things were placed in there. I wish I would have had my camera out to capture his face when he did his Vanna White arms to the back of the car...what father is the same way, it just takes him 10 hours longer!
Another moment I wish I had my camera for....It's cow appreciation day at Chick-fil-A! As I was walking into Target (I promise I don't live there) these teen girls were coming out dressed as cows giggling and taking pictures with the security guard...I was never that cool or brave. But had I known I would have gotten free chick-fil-a today if I was dressed like a cow, I would have found my best cow attire...I think I have a maternity dress that may have fit the bill! As I passed by the chick-fil-a, sad, there was a whole group of kids outside in their cow cute...but no camera...its in the Fort Knox of a car and I'm not dare going to try to dig it out!

And last but not least, as we leave for vacation and spend 5 hours on the road with a one year old...please use your blinkers. My biggest pet peeve used to be people who left their blinkers on, now I just wish people would use them period! It just seemed to happen to me a lot today, so I thought I'd send out a friendly reminder!

So we're off to the beach for the next week...with no computer...somehow I think I'll manage. I've have sand, sun, water and my favorite people in the world around me. Have a great week!

I didn't have a picture for today, so here's the "cow" think it would have worked?!?!

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