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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Attention Lover

Noah is destined to work in a job where he gets all the attention....I hope its a good one! When he hears people laugh he automatically starts giggling because they must be laughing at him. He started this in church on Sunday. Preacher said something funny, there was laughter and that sent Noah into a giggle fest. (Remember he's quiet while there is singing, but loves to make noise when everyone's quiet) We hand him his book since he's forever trying to turn the pages of Bibles and Hymnals. He starts to "read" his book and continues with the squealing and must have been a good book! So we make our exit down the aisle to go to the nursery and Noah proceeds to wave at everyone and say "bye". And of course they laugh, which sends him into another giggle fit! Sometimes I think he does this just so he can go to the nursery and play...but his hard headed mommy keeps thinking that somehow he's going to actually just sit there through church...what planet do I live on??

I need to remember the funny today since we had a rough morning. Noah's starting to cling and get upset when we leave him. He hung on to my leg as I dropped him off at daycare this morning...and he loves his daycare, so I was surprised at this. It tugged on my heart a little too. Maybe I was more surprised that I got sad...working in an elementary school I am forever pushing parents out the door from their crying children...promising them they will be okay...and here I was today, needing a push out the door. So I came home to pull weeds, thinking it would start raining any minute and they I could say "I tried". Well 3 hours later its sunny and my butt, back and legs are the jungle outside will have to wait until another day! Like a day Richard can do it! I'm off to organize totes in the basement...sad but I'm excited about this one...I'm an organizing dork!

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The Busy Blaine's said...

It's ok if he cries after you. It's just confirmation to how much he loves you. It's also ok to be an organizing dork!!! :)Love you guys!

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