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Monday, July 20, 2009

Our week in Rodanthe

Every year we make that long haul down the east coast and every year it is worth every penny we pay and every minute in the car. The beach in OBX is my escape, we just got back and I cannot wait to go again. This year we were spoiled beyond belief. We stayed in Rodanthe...we'd never stayed there before, but cannot wait to try it again! When we saw the house on the website, we never really thought we'd be that close to the water...but we were. This picture is taken from where we laid on the beach. You could actually yell up to the house and someone could hear you...but of course we had the handy dandy walkie talkies so no yelling was necessary! Richard gets up every morning to fish and this morning, Noah got to discover the love of fishing. It amazes me that without fear he just grabbed a hold of this fish and squealed with delight as is wiggled in is hands. Such a boy!

Noah also enjoyed the sand...although he had a rough time walking on it. I think his favorite sand activity was having other people pile sand so he could knock it down! I love the beach, but the sand everywhere drives me nuts...that was one I really had to get over on this trip! Noah's second favorite sand activity...eating the sand! Then he got very mad as we tried to clean it out of his mouth...should have just left it in there!! He also enjoyed naps on the beach...Nana was great at holding a sleeping Noah!

Just like his mommy, Noah enjoyed the water much more than the sand...too bad he can't swim because this brave boy had to be held back from the water. If the waves didn't reach him, he'd take off to get just a little big closer!So we ventured off to the sound to entertain the dogs and Noah. I hadn't really planed on getting wet, but this kid loved the water he could play in, so in I stayed. I had "sand burn"on my knees from walking around with him...finally had to pull him out to give me a break!
Early in the mornings when it was quiet, Noah and I would take Kapone out to play and meet Richard who'd already been fishing for hours...that is his relaxation time I guess...I love this picture, all my favorites in one picture.
What I love more than the beach is the time with my family, all in one place with no agenda, no stress, and no where to be. We don't go out, we eat whenever we want, we stay up too late playing games that none of us are good's great! Can't wait for next year! Here's a couple more of my favorite pics!

The sunset after a storm.

This toy was the source of much adult and child entertainment!

Noah worn out and loving on his Daddy...a very rare cuddly moment with Noah.

Sunrise the morning we hard to say goodbye!


The Busy Blaine's said...

It is so hard to leave the beach!! We will all have to go together very soon. Love you!

Tina said...

Gosh, I miss this place so much...just reading this made me want to pack up again and leave....can't wait for next summer!

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