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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The art of procrastination!

I am supposed to be packing for the beach...but my mind has run over itself with all the circles I've been doing, so I'm taking a "break". I've already taken a break to eat lunch, clean out the bathroom cabinets, look for an old cell phone for Noah to play with and try on everything I'm packing for the beach. Although I must say the compulsive over packer I am has fit all my clothes in half of the big suitcase!

I've been doing much better since my meltdown the other day! The car is "kinda" fixed to quote Richard, so I can make it another day! I had another day full of wonderful therapy yesterday. We had a play date with the girls from work.
What child wouldn't be thrilled to play on that...of course Noah is not quite steady enough for that much fun, but the big kids loved it! So did their parents because the kids completely entertained themselves with only a few "slow downs", "don't go head first", and "one at a times"...typical mom jargon!
This was more Noah's speed, he did end up in it at one point.

He was a happy guy, I can't wait to see him at the beach!
After our date, we headed to meet my Mom (Nana) to trade cars and return some of my impulses from the day before...or should I say replace the impulses from the day before?

Noah, being the shopping trooper he is, was entertaining Nana along with all the other people in the store. That would be the display pack-n-play, wonder how he got in there?? He loves to go in any direction you aren't! I've wasted enough time! Plus Richie just called to check on my status...we're supposed to load the car tonight...oh its gonna be a late one!


Mom/Nana said...

But we were having so much fun!!!!

The Busy Blaine's said...

Nana's are so fun to take shopping!! Can't wait to see you guys and to slobber over Noah a little bit. BTW, next time you need therapy, can I come?

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