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Saturday, February 16, 2013

And then there were four

Good Morning!! And its so good because Mommy got a full night of sleep!!! First one since Monday! Richard was so sweet to not bother me when me and baby no name took over the whole bed. Speaking of baby no name, our wonderful friends here in PICU are working on naming her. The fantastic nurse practitioner for our lovely neurosurgeon friend has named her Sarah...with an H. Then our favorite God loving, dancing, Dr McStuffins watching nurse has added in - Rose...has to have the hyphen. And we can't leave out Dr. Jane, he is after all working inside my child's head! So for now her name is "Sarah with an H hyphen Rose Jane Blaine" ...she shouldn't have a problem writing that in school, right?? I mean if Noah can can handle his big old name...

Oh and speaking of sweet Noah, we got to see him!!! Oh how I've missed him.  But I take such comfort in knowing I have the most amazing friends and family.  My mother has pretty much began living out of a suitcase, switching between taking care of Noah and taking care of my sister....who didn't want Ellie to feel alone, so she took her own trip to the ER.  Say a prayer for het too! My sweet friend Lynda, has gone above and beyond watching my boy, bringing him to school (good thing she works there), helping him make his Valentine's, feeding him, and even letting him sleep in her bed when he couldn't sleep. With all that we have going on right now, I'm so thankful I don't have to worry about Noah.

So I finally left the hospital yesterday, I needed a bath, no one told me I stunk...but who would tell a 33 week prego woman that??  Another fabulous piece of this crazy puzzle is my sister lives 5 mins away, so the shower was welcomed!! After my cleansing my mom took me to pick up Noah.  Of course he was really excited to mom, I know where I rank. We made a Target pit stop (haven't been there in over a week, I was having withdraws) plus I needed some pink gear, and about 10 other things, that I never got. Noah found his gift for annoyingly huge Hello Kitty, but it was 50% off so its all good! Funny how something I love as much as Target shopping has lost all appeal, I just wanted to get back to the hospital. I even passed up Starbucks to hurry things along!

When I had left yesterday morning Ellie wasn't really talking or moving, just laying there. I was trying not to worry, the kid after all just had her second brain surgery in two days. No sooner then I got to my sister's house did I get a phone call from Richard with Ellie giggling in the back ground and playing.  Ellie also got to walk some with her OT and PT friends, then she got a pretty cool chair to sit up in. Speech came too and helped her eat some and taught Richard what to do.

When we finally got to the hospital Noah was bouncing off the walls, luckily the lady downstairs told him he could stay with her if he wasn't good! He straightened up a little! I had tried to prep him with the idea that Ellie had lots of tubes and wires, but wasn't quite sure how he'd react.  He hugged his sister and she didn't yell! Then the fabulous nurse Ms Jen (hyphen Rose) helped us show Noah a picture of Ellie's tumor and explained how super hero Dr. Jane and superhero God squished it to make it small. He asked a few questions, then went in the hall to dance with Ms Jen.

After her meds and a quick rest, Noah got to sit in bed with her and play. He showed her all the get well cards his class made and read her a book, she listened intently. It was so nice to have my family all back in the same room, even if its a hospital room. Makes you think back to those moments where they are fighting and hitting one another and driving you crazy, what I would give for another day like that.  Another day of yelling "walk in the house" or "Ellie don't hit your brother". Another day of dancing in the kitchen. I know its not my plan and I truely believe it will happen again, I'm just getting anxious.

Ellie had a lot of fluid/pressure in her head. She is having trouble with her right side, although last night I happily watched her get het "boogers" with het right arm. She has a hard time sitting up by herself, but we're getting there. The best moment everyday is hearing "Mommy, it be okay". And I truely believe she knows that!

Thank you all again for your continued love and prayers. Once I get my hands on a real computer I can't wait to share all the pink pictures we've gotten, including an entire wrestling team with pink bows.

We have another busy day of therapists and rumor of getting off the PICU today (a little nervous about that, I love these people in here, plus Richard still has to get Ms. Jen back...they have a little battle going on).

I pray that all of you know just how much you are touching our lives. Richard and I praise God for you every day and you are all in our prayers!

Much love,


Carly said...

-From Dad (Rich) ... I missed Carly's text as her, Nana, and Noah were making their way to the room. I turned around and seen him outside the door with his backpack and rather large Hello Kitty. I was caught off guard. Not only had it been four days since I had really seen him but a whole new set of realities was wait ting outside that door. I had to turn away. Thankfully there was my mom and her always reliable heaven sent presence accompanied by faithful reassurances of her trust in me and not to mention a hug of compassion Jesus himself would sure be proud to offer. It was time to be Princess Strong. After all, that is why that pink and green flip-flop hair clip hasn't left my side since Wednesday. (And with as many compliments as I've received you may just see me wearing it for a long time to come). So, I went to see Noah, shared the same experience a Carly when picking him up from school. This time it was Maw maw that drew the attention, but I don't blame him she's an angel after all. I watched Noah embrace Ellie with a gentle and kiss. something he has been waiting so long to do. As the four (actually 5, don't forget baby Sarah - Rose Jane Blaine) sat together shared Chikfilet and discussed the miracle the Lord performed on Ellie I rejoiced inside. As 2 CORINTHIANS 4:8 says : We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair. Surely we have confusion and questions, but we live with the assurances that Ellie was chosen, by God, He said "She can do it!" He has said the same for Carly, Noah, and I. He can do the same for you too, all you have to do is ask. If you haven't before give your heart tothe Lord. Romans 10:9 If thou shalt confess with the mouth Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

Anonymous said...

<3 princess power! <3

Anonymous said...

Carly, I understand what you & your family are going through. We went through it with our daughter, Destini, who'll be 16 in March. Dr Jane Sr did her operation. We will continue to say our prayers for Ellie & for the rest of the family. Jayden said that he'll be Ellie's doctor & take care of her. We're sending lots of hugs, kisses, love & prayers to all of you.
Dena, Preston, Dezi, Pj & Jayden

Carly said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement! And tell Jay den we'd love to have him! Miss him! Hope everyone is well!