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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ellie Marie

What do you do when you can't fix your baby? When just a kiss and a hug can't make it all better. We started this journey on Ellie's second birthday with what we thought was a stomach bug, from there it has been a whirl wind of Dr appointments, ER visits, and diagnosis. Almost every diagnosis along the way made sense and they treated what they saw. 

So here we sit tonight...or technically this morning...(I'm losing track) in the PICU at UVA waiting on her second MRI. We told Monday evening that my sweet girl has a mass in her brain that is blocking the fluid in her brain from draining. She was taken to surgery very quickly to have a drain placed to relieve the pressure and her first MRI done. As a girl and a mom, my mind went straight to her hair. The wonderful people here, tried their best to not shave her hair and even saved me some of her hair, her first haircut...what a way right! We got her back a few hours later, with her new hat....definitely not mommy crochet grade...I'm still trying to convince them to let me add a flower! They gave her monkey a hat too (which also needs a flower).

We got to see the MRI pics of this perfect little head with, with that ball right in the middle. A very surreal that little thing is what has taken my baby from crazy two year old to a cranky lump. Something so little is changing our entire lives. 
More wonderful people have swept in to love my child, bathe her, steal applesauce for her, read her books, bring her presents and take care of us.
I'm more overwhelmed at the amount of love we have received from our friends and family. There are so many people praying for my daughter. I know my God is awesome, but he continues to amaze me. He has given me such peace during this insane time. I am so grateful for that. He's given me my girl back. Over the past
24 hours she has laughed, played, cried but best of all smiled. Oh how I have missed that smile. She is having a horrible time sleeping, but she continues to be as sweet as she can be....considering!
So today, Valentine's Day, a day filled with love, my love will have surgery again. They will biopsy the mass, make a hole to help her fluid drain (there is some big fancy word for the procedure...but I'm too tired to find where I wrote it down...or lazy). The doctor will also attempt to reduce the size of her mass. Once they are done, we wait for results.  I can't say I'm excited about living in the hospital for a week, but I am praising God for this hospital and all those on it! (I'd really be excited for a room with a bathroom...this waddling down the hall is getting old!)

I know lots of friends and family have only gotten bits and pieces, so I hope this helps...I know its helping me. 

Lots have asked what they can do for us, please just pray for my family. My I haven't seen my son since Monday and I miss him so much. I have an amazing support system helping me with him bit I miss him. My husband is heartbroken because he can't fix his princess. And me... My prayer has always been that in time of a crisis I would still be faithful and still praise my God. I'm doing good, just gotta keep it up.

One last request. If you know Ellie or me, you know she always has a hairbow in for every holiday...well today she can't wear hers. Wear one for Ellie today if you can...she loves pink and there's no better day for pink then today! Hug your babies and thank God for them.

I will not proof read forgive I gotta go waddle down the hall!

Thank you all,


Kelly Prentice said...

Carly we love you! God is with Ellie and all of you! The kids and I pray each day and WILL continue too! Please rest when you can and dont hesitate one bit to ask for ANYTHING!!!! Everything is going to be ok..God is the Great physician! Kelly

We4Kingz said...

We are praying for Ellie and the family. Also praying God would give the doctors wisdom to know what needs to be done. We have added her to our prayer list at church too!! Love to you and family!

drema Bradley said...

This so beautiful yet heartbraking at the same time from one Mom to another. I pray with all my heart for one of the greatest miracles that God has stored up and that He poor them all out on Ellie, you and your entire family.
Ive had to sit by both my sons bedsides many times for weeks at a time in the hospital due to a chronic illness. I cant imagine what your going through though.
I know you dont know me but if you need anything let Terena know and she'll know how to get in touch with me.

Anonymous said... is a website my aunt started for knitting and crocheting chemo caps, perhaps a free new pattern will help you pass the time, a pink hat with a flower perhaps!

Praying for God's healing of your baby and your heart.

Darcey said...

Carly, keeping you, Richard, Noah, and sweet Ellie in my thoughts, as well as the entire Renninger/Blaine family. Much love and positive vibes being sent your way!

Erin said...

Love you guys! We are praying hard over here for all of you!!

paula taschler said...

Carly, prayers and love to you all right now...I was s happy to hear Ellie and you are out of PICU!!! God is great and He is there with you all! Paula

Anonymous said...

This is exactly how its started with us. Headaches and vomitting. Then the shunt was placed and now surgery tomorrow. The doctor fears by location that it is a peneoblastoma.

Please keep blogging. I dont know how to help my friend the best right now. You are a month further in this journey than we are (only a few days in right now)

So scared and confused and worried and waiting for the news and the answers and figuring out what to do next.

thank you for sharing. id possibly like to contact you soon if you wouldn't mind, once we have more answers tomorrow after surgery.

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