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Saturday, February 23, 2013


Patience is a virtue....I often lack.  When I want something or want to do something, I tend to just do it, I don't plan it out or try to find the best impulse control stinks, which is kind of funny considering I spend many days trying to help kids with theirs.  I know that's why Richard and I go so good together, he thinks out every option there is and selects the best one (just go car shopping with him, you'll see!)

About a year and a half ago I went through a stage where all I wanted to do was quit work and stay home with my kids.  My babysitter had just started watching my kids in our house, and I hated leaving every morning, all I could think about all day was coming home to them.  I love my babysitter more than words and my family could not function without her and I trust her completely with my children...but I wanted to be here too.  Many mornings during my 40 minute car ride to work I would cry and ask God to tell me what to do.  Finally one morning God said "Just Wait".  Really?!?!  The one thing I'm horrible at, and I'm supposed to just wait?  Ironic...don't ya think (what grade was Alanis Morrisette?)  So I waited, and I did it with a new peace in my heart that this is what I needed to do.  Within a few months at school I learned there would be a second preschool class opening up, and tuition spots would be available.  I could bring Noah!  I can get through anything with the help of that little boy.  He is something special for sure and I know God has huge plans for this little boy.  He has the kindest heart and biggest smile.

So to start this school year, I got to bring one of my best friends to work with me everyday.  We've had the best conversations in our long car rides.  Noah has met some great friends and is learning so much.  What a good plan God had. I just renewed my license a week before Ellie started getting sick, and filled out my FMLA paperwork for baby #3 the day before Ellie was admitted to the hospital. A few days after being admitted, I was informed that people were donating sick days to be, which means we aren't going to go completely broke in the next 12 weeks.  Now when I think back to that day in the car, where God said wait, I'm so thankful I listened.  I don't know how things would be different if I hadn't listened, but I feel like our situation is a true testimony to listening to God and waiting for His plan to unfold.
So here I sit waiting again, waiting for the hospital to call us, waiting to find out how our lives will change.  But I keep reminding  myself...just do today.

While we wait, we are being blessed daily.  Food has shown up at my house every day for us.  Cards come daily for us and both the kids (thank you all for thinking of Noah too).  Offers to help us out, come multiple times a day.  Emails, texts, and facebook messages are constant...there are a ton, so please don't be offended if we don't respond right away...I'm trying to set aside time to answer these each day.  Two separate donation accounts have been set up for us, and I am overwhelmed with the amount of people who are giving to my family.  For someone who has a very hard time asking for help, this is a huge blessing.
We cannot thank you all enough.  I cannot praise God enough for all of you.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

Prayers, Praise, and Pink

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MotheringBoys said...

Waiting for God's timing can bring great blessings in the storm. Although I would have never wished this upon your family, your ability to find the silver lining and not lose your faith is a huge testimony. I pray daily for your family, for the healing of your little girl, and for strength in you all to do what needs to be done with complete grace. God will see you through.