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Friday, February 19, 2010

Do A Little Dance

Noah did something this morning that just made me think about life....I know that's a little profound...but what can I say my kid is a genius! Noah's been doing really good at going potty. We started out with stickers when ever he went, but now he's kinda over it. This morning Richard got him up and took him to the potty, I was in the other bathroom getting ready. I hear the potty sing it's little song (meaning he went), and in to my bathroom comes running a pantless little boy. He asks for my hands and says "ance" (dance). So off we go, we have to get Daddy along the way and we all report to the kitchen to do the potty dance, which is a celebration of going on the potty. It's a crazy dance, and honestly I'm usually a little worried that someone is going to pee on my floor while celebrating (Noah, in case you were wondering who). But how often in life to do we stop to celebrate something so small like going to the potty, which I know is a big deal to a little kid. But do you celebrate getting to work on time? Remembering all your groceries at the store? Your children not yelling all day? I think there's so many things in one day we can celebrate and be thankful for...just imagine your day without's scary! So take some time today to celebrate something and do your own little potty dance, in honor of Noah!


The Busy Blaine's said...

We did the potty dance too with the girls. They still remember it ;) Great post Carly!!

Princess Pearce's Mommy said...

Oh, the Potty Dance. As much as it annoys me now, I know it will be a saving grace in about 2 more years. Awesome post Carly! I got to celebrate two milestones with Sutherlynn this morning. :)

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