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Saturday, February 20, 2010

What I Love About Woodstock

VA...that is! I've come to visit Woodstock since, well birth. My dad is from here and I remember when I was younger this was a magical place. My grandma had the neatest house, I remember thinking my grandparents lived in a mansion because their house had those big columns out front. Whenever we'd come up here, we'd visit my grandparents and then go visit the family, who really aren't family, but I didn't know that until I was like 10.

Here I sit, many years later and I think Woodstock still is a magical place. Noah and I came up for the weekend, we needed a change of scenery. My grandparents are now gone, and the big house with the columns belongs to someone else, but there's something about this place that's fun and relaxing...and extremely "country". Those family/friends live across the street and now my son gets to come up here and play with all the cool toys. Although I think he's got it better. There weren't any 4 wheelers around when I was little, our cool toys were tire swings and watching our Dad's clean deer...I told you it's country up here!

There's something about here that just says "family". I've just spent the past two hours with my Dad watching TV, which I never do. I got to see my sister and go shopping with my mom (that's nothing out of the ordinary, we do that anywhere we are).

Favorite part of the day - Noah is so tired, his naps are all off, he's been too excited to sleep. So we finished dinner, barely, got a bath and then Noah convinced Dad to put Blue on for him. My Dad figured sure, he'll pass out now...he obviously isn't aware of Noah's fascination with Blue! Anyway, best part, my Dad sat on the couch holding Noah and watching Blue for 30 minutes, he rocked him hoping he'd fall asleep. Of course he never went to sleep, but they were so sweet sitting together.

There's just something about this place, it makes you slow down and enjoy each other. Maybe there's just nothing else to do or maybe it's the fresh mountain air! Whatever it is, I'm glad we came here this weekend!

Sorry no pics, the same picture has been loading since I started'll get to see later!

***another side note, there were no misspellings found in this post, my mom will be so proud!***


The Busy Blaine's said...

Would love to go there with you someday. Sounds like my kinda place!!

mom said... KNOW me...the spelling czar and grammar nazi! You did good, kiddo!

Thanks for spending the weekend with me. You are so right...we can do nothing and still have a great weekend! Now you know why I like to go just gives me time to relax and change the pace. I love you lots and same goes for your funny little guy!

Carly said...

We love you too!

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