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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Is it snowing yet???

Well I'm ready for another snow day! All my teacher friends would probably despise me for saying that, but I can't help it! I am absolutely exhausted from working 5 days in a row, all day....I know, you may roll your eyes now,my husband does every day! But seriously this was a really long week, I can't even make it through the Olympics at night, by 9, I'm done! Not tonight though, ROBOTS is on...go figure a cartoon movie can keep me awake! I don't think it helps that my dear little guy has not been feeling so hot! He started Wednesday with that never ending cough.

The kind of cough that wakes you up at 5:30 in the morning...I think both are faces looked like this! Of course nothing else was wrong with him, besides being a little cranky...but that seems to be the norm around here lately! Oh how I wish kids had some special button or light that went off when they are doctor's office worthy. I can't stand going to the doctor and "it's just viral, wait it out". So anyway the cough got a little better by Friday, unfortunately the crankiness was still around and I can only describe him as having a certain "terdness" about him. But he had acquired a new ailment by bedtime...a fever....which he has carried into today all day. Don't ya love how the minute the doctor's office is closed they get sick?!?!

Poor kid...I don't really know what's wrong with him. Every time I ask him what hurts, his first answer is "eyes" and then he moves on to "nose" and then names every other body part he can think I'm not to sure how accurate that is! I've spent my day trying to entertain and manage meltdowns. He does pretty good till his Motrin wears off, then he's cranky and clingy. I won't complain too much about the clingyness, I love holding him, even if it only lasts five minutes.

He has not been sick enough though to stay out of time out. He told me today "hit, pinch, bite, time out", at least I know he does know what to do to be in time out...he's just not to sure how to stay out of it! But the boy can sure say "thank you". So at least if he's gonna be in time out he can be polite about it!

*We are really going to have to work on Noah's picture taking....or my camera abilities, or maybe I'm just really talented at getting that "special" look caught on camera*


The Busy Blaine's said...

Poor baby :( Hope he feels better right away!!

Nana Mom said...

Poor thing...he even looks bad and out of sorts! Hope he'll feel better with the meds in him. I love you and miss you!!!

ma said...

PS...I'd like a snowday too!!!

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