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The Blaines
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blizzard Blog Day 9

Well I lost it...I know every mom has been there before, but I feel alone on this one. My throat feels 100% better, but I don't. I still feel worn out, and so tired. I even tried to nap today, but that only lasted 20 minutes, Noah started crying, I woke up and then started thinking about everything I needed to do. And my last straw today was a box of Stove Top. I finally decided what we were having for dinner, I was trying to get it ready and no Stove Top...I think I slammed a few things and just started crying. Hmm...and I wonder where my son gets this from! My husband isn't the most feel sorry for you kind of guy, and that's all I wanted (my mom has called everyday to check on me, she knows how to baby me). So he decided the way to fix the problem was to go to the store...of course I'd already figured out how to fix my problem...but I think he wanted out. I don't really blame him. So them left me and I finished making dinner, Richard just called to check and see how much longer till dinner...hmm. I hate when I flip out, but it's hard being a mommy and being sick...especially with my child who seems to forget he has a Daddy. Good thing we have church tomorrow, this girl needs some badly!

So let's focus on the good parts of today!
Noah on his "herse" (horse).

Kapone playing catch with the snow.
He played so hard, he lost his head!

Another one who played hard, I didn't think we'd ever get him in!

Valentine's Day goodies for Noah's school...hopefully he'll get to go on Monday. This is the first time we've done Valentines for Noah. I let Richard pick them out...note to self, next time if he picks them out, he gets to put them together! All that folding and the tattoos to put in...ugh!

No Mommy and Noah picture, it's the three Blaine's today. The boys got back, Noah with a real ride on horse (I think they are called hobby horses), I guess we can retire the broom now! Looking back it was a really good day, yes my kid is a little loud and moody, but so is his mother. I need to keep remembering that I'm not perfect, no one really expects me to be, except quote Francesca Battestelli "perfection is my enemy"!

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