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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blizzard Blog...ummm...10ish-12ish

So, I finally slacked off...not that I think anyone will be too upset with me...and don't worry, I wasn't back at work...we're still off! Got another 3 inches yesterday! Last time I was stressed and losing my mind. Thank goodness for Church on Sunday! Always nice to go and remember just how blessed you are instead of stressing about how many magnets are on the kitchen floor!

So here's the update! Sunday was Valentine's Day, and if you remember we already got our V-Day gifts, so it was just cards for all.

Noah reading his card. He did get some books, which he was pretty happy about! We then headed out to my Mom and Dad's house to eat V-Day dinner..mmm...lasagna!

Super-Noah! The many uses of couch parts!

Any true "Blue's Clues" fan would know that Noah is sitting in his Thinking Chair!

Richard helped Mom and Dad set up their Wii, that was their V-Day gift to each other, but I don't think my Dad realized it! Noah is helping Nana with her baseball pitching!

Yesterday we were home again, Noah was supposed to go to daycare for his Valentine's Day party and I was supposed to stay home and get my school work on. I have an awards assembly to organize for Thursday, but as we know, Motherhood is not predictable or planable (new word for today :) Noah woke up with a fever and in a rotten no daycare for him! We dropped off the party goodies and then drove to C'ville to drop off Richard's work stuff he left at home...what would he do without me!

When we finally got back home, Noah decided his baby needed to eat lunch. He strapped him in the chair and started to feed him. He then stopped and helped baby bless the food. I didn't tell him to do this, he just did it on his own. My heart about exploded, I'm so excited that he is going to grow up and remember to thank God for everything, even the baby's food! I did get a picture on my phone...but I haven't quite figured all that out yet!

Don't forget a drink for the baby! side trip today! Whenever I have to make a trip to C'ville I stop at Target...much to my husband's dislike...but hey, he made me drive there! I never buy movies, but it was only $9, so I did! Also got .74 cent gloves for Noah!!!

Richard and I watched Up last night. LOVED it! When Richard laughs out loud, you know something is funny! It even made me cry...which is not a surprise! The best part is the dog with the talking collar. Totally reminded me of Kapone, who is currently laying on my feet! I'm always yelling at him to get out of the way (because he follows me everywhere) but the movie made me feel guilty about it and that I might be hurting his feelings! I know you are thinking she has officially lost her mind...yes I have....I haven't worked in 12 days now, including weekends. So I vow to be nice to Kapone and feel special because at any given time inside my house someone is following me, be it human or K-9!

Ok...must go work on school stuff, in case we ever get to go back to school!!!

Ah-ha I figured it out! How sweet is he!!!! Ok really school work now!

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The Busy Blaine's said...

Hope you guys are feeling better!! Hang in there, you will get back to school sometime ;) The girls went back today "PRAISE THE GOOD LORD!!!!" and it was WONDERFUL!!

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