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The Blaines
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good Morning Mrs. Blaine!

When I first started working in a school, I cringed any time I heard the kids doing that sing-song phrase to the principal. They sounded like a bunch of little robots. But I have to say after 4 years, I've learned to love it. Monday we had our awards assembly, finally after what seems like a year of snow reschedules! I have the fantastically nerve wracking job of calling all the names and awards. When I get up and say good morning, my kids all yell back, "Good Morning Mrs. Blaine", and I just can't help but get this super cheesey grin on my I'm 5. I love that I don't just teach 25 kids, I teach 600 kids, I know 600 kids, and I have 600 great little friends! During that same day I got some of the best hugs from kids and acutally got to do my job for a little bit. I love days like this. It helps me remember why I do what I do. It makes the 3 years and no raise worth it, I know that I help these kids and I make a difference in their lives....I know it everytime I hear that little robot chant..."Good Morning Mrs. Blaine"

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