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Friday, March 15, 2013

Feeling Full

I'm sure Richard will post again tonight with the latest Ellie update, but I just had to share the amazing feeling I've had today.  To be honest Richard and I have had a tough few days.  The distance, the new circumstances (just being apart for this long), the appointments, my inability to comprehend anything at this point...I just felt us being snappy and unhappy (sorry I had to rhyme).  I felt like we weren't on the same page, possibly letting doubts get the best of us.  I'm sure we will go through this more than just once, but this first time was hard.  Then Richard said something last night, that showed me we were right where we should be and we were still a team (don't need to go into details...but it was perfect).  I felt peace spread over me last night and this morning I woke up full of the most amazing spirit.  The sun was shining, it was Friday, and I have an amazingly strong family.  As I drove Noah to school this morning, this song came on, and like always it was perfectly timed.
I had to let Richard know right away just how incredible I felt and that he was the reason, but he was super busy with Ellie's day of appointments.  I just felt like this family can do anything.  Yes, we are going through something no one wants to experience, there are going to be a lot of hard days ahead of us, but we are going to be okay.  As I read about Ellie's day today in his email, I could "hear" the pride in Richard's typing of the strength of his daughter.  She is amazingly strong and I know that God is using her to show the world just what He can do.  I'm honored to be her mother and Richard's wife.  I can't wait to see the road ahead of us...I know I try to not look past today, but for the first time today, I was excited about the future, about what my girl and my God were going to do together.  It was a great feeling!  
I busily spent today working on more t-shirt orders...I'm continually amazed at that as well!  Finished up a hair bow holder for Sarah-Grace's room (Mommy made...probably the first thing I've done for her, I haven't even made her a hat to wear home yet...ahhh!)
I cleaned up some more of her room and then some friends showed up!  I have missed work a lot.  I miss my friends, but I know being able to stay home is helping with this pregnancy and my diabetes as well!  My amazing friends at school collected diapers and wipes for us.
This is a beautiful sight to any parent with a new baby!  *Side can tell I'm an avid Target shopper/supporter.  And Richard and Ellie and myself eventually will be moving into the Target House at St. Jude!

Some other fantastic gifts came!
I know this beautiful 31 bag is going to come in handy when Ellie has to be in the hospital   It's all packed up and ready to make the trip to Memphis with our Preacher on Monday, who is going to visit Richard and Ellie!
And this sweet necklace!  I adore whole family all in one little necklace.  Inside is a pink princess crown, a cross, a ladybug, the sign for "I love you" each of my children's birthstones and a charm that says "faith".  Inscribed in the back is the world "blessed"  There couldn't be a more perfect word for this life.
I hope that when I have another not so full day I can look back on today and remind myself of this feeling that I have been filled with!  I hope it's contagious, I hope by just reading this you are filled with the God's love and you are reminded just how many blessings He gives you everyday.  
Now to figure out how to get this one off the couch and in his p.j.'s....we need Daddy!!

"Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10
Prayers, Praise and Pink


Anonymous said...

Hi Carly, (I am a friend of your Aunt Patti) I have never met you and your family, but I check your blogs several times a day, so anxious for updates on your amazing family. Just know that people you don't even know love you and are praying for you. Ellie is an true princess and your faith is an inspiration to us all.

Carly Blaine said...

Thank you so much Joannie!

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