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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Super-Daddy & the Spine..... Day 1

Happy Anniversary CB! (I can still say it, it's still 11p here)! Just an FYI I started this post before Carly posted hers, so that gets me brownie points, right?

I love my wife. Her heart, and everything that goes with it (just not everything all at once sometimes) Wink, wink, love you Hun! We are going to get through this thing together even as apart as we may be for we are joined together in The Lord.

Today was our first visit with our real Dr's. mostly a lot of base-line check-ups, all of which Ellie has mastered. The doctor pulls out the thermometer and Ellie's arm is up in the air ready. Blood pressure, she's already pulling up her sleeve and saying "it's going to beep, beep". Stethoscope, she's already pointing to her heart. If she didn't like to sing and dance so much I would say she's going to be a doctor. And Ellie would be mad at me if I didn't show everyone how fabulous she looked today.

We talked with Dr. Karen about what to expect with tomorrow's MRI and lumbar puncture, which brings me to my next point. There has been some information that I don't think has reached everyone, and wasn't intentional. If you remember Ellie had a spinal MRI done just before her surgery on Feb 14th.  On that MRI there was a place towards her lower spine which Dr. Jane and other UVA doctors would only label as "suspicious". What does that mean? There is a chance that Ellie's tumor could have metastasized, or in other words spread. Ellie is having another Spinal MRI tomorrow (along with another brain MRI...well today now) to better clarify this "suspicious" area. I debated leaving this information out because I didn't want people to be caught of guard by this information, but we need all the prayers we can possibly get. So I apologize if anyone feels they left out of this information. While the next 4 months of Ellie's treatment are all but set, the results of her spinal MRI will determine what happens after. If they feel her MRI shows something they will complete a lumbar puncture shortly after the MRI, keeping her sedated. They will test the spinal fluid to confirm what they are seeing in the MRI.

Her brain MRI will be more detailed than the previous to get a better analysis of the tumor size, location, etc...

Now that that was done... LUNCH TIME! Grilled Cheese for Ellie!

At some point during our meeting with the social worker Ellie decided to point to me and proudly say "SUPER DADDY"! And as you can imagine I didn't smile at all... Yeah right! Then she promptly followed with a loud "SUPER ME"! Oh, I love my girl. And not to mention her continual sticker extravaganza... Check out my pants (and don't worry, the social worker had her fair share as well! Hehe

We headed back to our room after a short wagon ride, which Ellie loves! Eventually got some cheeseburgers for dinner and ended the night with our first ever Netflix movie "Tinkerbell".

I think that was the first movie Ellie has ever sat through in its entirety. That was 4 hours ago, goodnight!

"Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for The Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you." Deuteronomy 31:6

Prayers, Praise, and Pink

I'm not too sure where I was supposed to add this picture in for Richard (I'm the blog assistant this morning!)  But I LOVE this picture of my silly girl!


Marceen said...

I LOVE the butterfly jeans!! I think you forgot a future career possibility for Ellie... Ellie's Elite clothing designs! :) Tell her I will place an order for butterfly jeans :)

A Wedding Story said...

She is one of the most precious girl I have ever seen. Covering you all in prayer tonight.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you on this journey . May he give you strength .

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