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Saturday, March 9, 2013

On a jet plane

What a bittersweet day.  They are gone, not for good, but in a few minutes they will touch down in Memphis, TN and our lives "apart" begin.  We are only physically apart, and even that has been made easier by some amazing people.  As we speak (I type) I eagerly await a skype call on our new iPad's to see my girl and her Daddy.  I say it every day, but I just can't believe the love that has been poured out on my family.  Not only are there new iPads, cases for them, gift cards, a netflix subscription  toys, tiaras, cards, food and numerous financial contributions, there are prayers everywhere for my family.  On a daily basis cards roll in from people I don't know...its an overwhelming feeling, in a good way, to know our lives, our story, our blessing is touching other peoples' lives.  
Yesterday we opened the doors of our house for friends and family to come by and say hi/bye.  I will be perfectly honest, at first I was not excited by this option.  I wanted to lock my children in my house and hold them all day long.  But as more and more people came through, I realized how selfish I was being. So many other people love us, care about us, and support us.  Plus I'm sure if it had just been the 4 of us we would have ended up yelling at each other or someone would have been in time out (possibly me).  I remember my mom telling me once that sometimes she gets so caught up in the "stress" of things she forgets to just enjoy the moment.  I tried to remember what if their bags aren't packed...just enjoy the love that is coming in.  Once I got over things like getting my oil changed, and getting the Christmas lights down, I began to really enjoy myself.  
As we finally laid down last night/this morning to pray...I couldn't do it, what do you pray for when you family is starting the journey ours is?  Every time I tried to speak, all I could do was cry.  God finally gave me the words, I prayed for all of you, that all who read would feel God's love through us.  I prayed that someone's life would be changed by us, someone would find their way into a church because of something we've said.  Of course I prayed for my family, my son, and my daughter, I know we can do this, we just can't look past today.  

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.  Not as the world gives do I give to you.  Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid." John 14:27

This morning came way to early, like I knew it would and as our house began to motivate, I felt tensions rise.   We put on our pink, our best smiles and didn't even bother with mascara.  As we got closer to the airport, this song came on the radio.....(just got my skype call :) Thank you my SHS friends!)  They are safe and waiting for their ride to the hospital!  Back to the song!  

Richard grabbed my hand and squeezed hard...I don't know if I've shared before that one day while falling apart, I heard that still, small voice say "I'm preparing you for a miracle".  

As we got out of the car at the airport, I saw people in pink
(I was in no way prepared for this day, or to take pictures, so I'm borrowing from those who did) 
These beautiful Old Navy friends got up early to see us, Ellie was so happy to see her "friends!"

Here are a few more pictures I borrowed :)

 So you know rule follower Mommy was having a heart attack at this point, while Daddy was trying to get her to princess wave!

I never knew what it was like to have a church family, until the Lord brought us to Zion, thank you Preacher and Mrs. Cindy for helping us every step of the way! (and everyone else at Zion!)
 Practicing their flying skills!
 Last minute snuggles
 I just LOVE this picture!  Thank you cousin Cameron for rocking your pink today!
 Not quite ready to let go yet.
Princess and her knight in shinning armor!  I know how hard this moment was for him, and go figure, he knows the security person on the other side...thank you for making that moment easier for him!

Monkey and Ellie all ready to roll!  

As we drove home, I again felt that peace that my God is so good to give me.  I knew they were headed to the best place they could be, I knew I had my Noah to help me out, he is after all one of my best friends.  I knew that my husband is so in love with his daughter that he will protect her to the ends of the earth. And I knew that St. Jude's was welcoming us with open arms.  
Noah and I have been sitting in a very quiet house this beautiful sunny afternoon.  Both decompressing from the past few days.  I ventured back to their bedroom for a moment...fixed all the animals, just so they'd be ready when Ellie gets back!

I wish I could have sent them all with her, but there was a weight limit on the luggage after all! And I know Noah will guard them for her, just not tonight...I see a slumber party in my bed in our future!

Prayers, Praise, and Pink


MotheringBoys said...

Big hugs, my friend!

Allison Shelton said...

It truly amazes me! You are such a wonderful example of God's love for each of us. Even during these trying times, you are showing His love. Reading your words about not knowing what to say brought a song to mind. Sometimes we just have no words. I am sharing two songs. Hope they help you! The first is Hear my Heart, and the other is Praise you in this Storm..

threedog22 said...

Very well said, Carly. Thank you for posting, and sharing this with all of us. St. Jude is a wonderful place! We will continue to pray for your precious little girl, and your entire family.


Jp Wicki said...

Hang in there! A lot of prayer going up for you all.

Rachel said...

Hey Carly,

This is one of my favorite songs right now, and I wanted to share it with you:

Kim Bledsoe said...

Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Many prayers are being offered up for your whole family. You are such a wonderful example of what God's love can bring!


Anonymous said...

Carly, I am so sorry you and your family are going through this. St. Jude is amazing and they will take such good care of your little one. I can only imagine what a hard decision that was. You are truly an inspiration to me. I admire your courage and your positive outlook. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours and I look forward to wearing pink in celebration of her return from St. Jude in a few months, healthy and healed!

Ladona Gorham

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