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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Listen to your kids

I have 20 minutes of non moving time...I'm hooked up to baby monitor listening to Miss Sarah-Grace. She's not feeling these straps! (Nothing is wrong, I have gestational diabetes, so this is just part of the routine!).
Yesterday we got about 10 inches of snow, which was beautiful, but also caused some power outages. No biggie during the day, it came on and off all day. Finally around 5 out it went for good. I began to fall apart as we talked about where we were gonna go, what were we gonna eat etc...I didn't want to.spend one of our last night's together somewhere else.  I cried because I'm so good at it, praying the power would just come back. As it got darker we all located flashlights and lit the dusty candles from my wedding. I fell apart again and told Richard I didn't want him and Ellie to leave.  I have not tried to hide my tears from my kids, especially Noah, he's just as emotional as I am, and I want him to know its okay to be sad and cry (can you tell I'm a school counselor?!?!) Noah came into the kitchen and said "Mommy Daddy and Ellie have to go, and we have to stay and take care of the new baby, but a little while after she gets here, we'll go see them.  It will be okay" followed by a big hug. Glad someone was there to remind me of my own words. Not 30 minutes later the power came back. Thank you Lord!
This morning I awoke with peace, as I listened to the kids bedroom door knob jiggle. It was Ellie, she can't get door knobs open, but today is the first day she has been able to get out of bed on her own. That was the one thing she has been struggling with, and this morning, 3 weeks to the date after her 2nd brain surgery, she did it. I opened the door to a beautiful "Good Morning Mommy!" I love her. I sure am gonna miss her, but I know this is God's plan. He told me this am that Sarah-Grace was timed to help me through all this.
Thank you all again for all your prayers and love.  We are surrounded by amazing people! I have a great song to share...not sure if I can from my phone....nope you'll have to wait!

Miss thing is almost done! Enjoying the rest of today with my family!
Prayers, Praise and Pink


Vanessa said...

I look forward everyday to your post but gosh I can't get through them without crying. As a Mom of four I can't imagine myself being so strong. I am thankful for your faith, God will get all of you through this. Please know there are so many of us out here praying for your family and we are willing to come to your aid in anyway possilbe.

A Wedding Story said...

Praying many prayers over your sweet family! We will pray for sweet Ellie's health and your family's courage and strength. Love, your friends in Richmond!

PS - I had gestational diabetes too...not fun. Praying for that too! Sometimes a mama just needs a cookie!

Carly Blaine said...

Thank you girls! And yes...I need a cookie and a BIG bowl of ice cream!

Nicole Melvin said...

Wow tears are flowing, she is a brave lil girl, prayers sent!!!!!♥♥♥

Tania said...

words of inspiration,courage,and love.I cry thru every post I read.I pray everyday Ellie and the Family.

Jp Wicki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julie Elmore said...

You and your family are constantly in our prayers !!! I read your post and feel the love of God in your words..... You are truly an inspiration !!!

Love and Prayers from Stafford !!!!!

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