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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Eleven years ago today, I went on my first date with Richard, to a horribly gory war movie...what I would give to watch that movie again with him tonight...even though its way past my bed time.  Seven years ago today, I married by best friend...and tonight I miss him dearly.  I know he's with a girl who needs him more than I do at the moment, but it hurts to not be able to just hug him tonight. Seven years ago, I'm pretty sure we never envisioned this as our future...for one thing I only wanted two children and I swore up and down I would not have any children with him while he was still in retail.  There I go trying to plan stuff we are almost 3 kids later and he's the store manager.  When you look back to seven years ago, I am amazed at where we've come from, amazed at what we've accomplished together, and so grateful to God for leading our path to this moment.  

Best day ever!

Honeymoon in TN...go figure Richard is back in TN on our anniversary!

I love this man so much today...I love how much he loves the Lord, I love how much he loves his family and would go to the ends of the earth for them, I love how he knows the exact time to say "Carly, Stop it" (can't believe I admitted that...I must be sleep deprived).  I love that he searched out St. Jude's for his daughter, I love that when they accepted her, there was no doubt in his mind that he would go.  I love that he puts hair bows in her hair everyday, even though I'm not there, and wears his hair bows proudly on his shirt everyday. No, this may not have been the "dream path" when we started this journey 11 years ago, but it's such a beautiful one.  Without all the twists and turns, who knows where we would have ended up.  I thank God for saving us both, for changing our lives forever, for helping us see how much he loves us and that if we just trust in him and give him all the glory, honor, and praise, he will take care of the rest.  I'm not too sure where this journey is going to end, however I do know that we are not walking it alone.

I love you Richard, thank you for our children, our laughs, our tears and smiles.  Thank you for loving me no matter what! Love you always!

On an Ellie note, she had her first appointments with her neuro doctors today.  Richard said she was fantastic.  Smiling and was her typical Ellie self, chatting up everyone!  She is enjoying riding in her red wagon with Daddy everywhere, is throwing some great temper tantrums and kept her pull up dry all day (what a great combo)!  Big day of MRI's tomorrow, keep on praying, tomorrow will help determine some more specifics of her treatment.  

Prayer, Praise and Pink
~ Carly


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and God Bless your family today and every day!

MotheringBoys said...

Happy Anniversary!

Tana B. said...

Happy Anniversary Carly and Richard!!!

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