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Friday, February 5, 2010

Blizzard Blog Day 1

I was motivated by watching Julie and Julia the other night (not the most exciting movie) to be a better blogger! Since we will be stuck inside for probably the next week, I figure I'll have plenty of time to blog! So Day 1...7:30 am snow has started to fall!

Yes this is just starting....this is all the snow we still have from last weekend and this past Tuesday. All this time off from work , has me a little mixed up on my days of the week, but I believe this is from Tuesday....
Noah's "cleaning" the's not child labor if he wanted to do it, right?

Noah and I had a nice surprise last night. My Dad showed up with a four wheeler with the snow blade attached to it. He just couldn't stand the fact that we had no way to plow out our driveway and long dirt road. So he left work, drove up to Woodstock (2hour drive), got his other 4wheeler, drove to my house(another 2 hour drive), dropped off the 4wheeler, and then drove home (1 hour drive this time). My Dad has the biggest heart! Richard is so thrilled, he was out there last night playing on it. I'm sure the minute he rolls in today from work, he'll be out there plowing away!

I was a lazy mom/wife and decided I wasn't going to go shopping with all the crazies (sorry if you were one) and Noah after work yesterday! Besides we have frozen pizza and coffee, what more do you need? My fantastic husband decided he was going, so I sweetly emailed him a list of all the things we "could" use and he went! I am so blessed with great men in my life! :)

So here we are...watching these big flakes fall, wondering how much, how long...will we ever go back to school in the month of February? I will not complain, I love every minute that I get to be with my family, since they are often few and far between!
We are smiling....and actually dressed in real clothes, not pj's, I'm trying a new approach to snow days this time...we're starting out dressed and motivated....then by day 4 we can stay in our pj's all day! Today's plan...making Chicken Corn Chowder in the crock pot...fingers crossed, never made it before...good thing Richard eats anything! Stay safe, stay warm, and be thankful for all this time with loved ones so close by! *Snow total - 1 inch new snow 9:30 am!*

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The Busy Blaine's said...

Day one of this round sounds great so far!!!! For some reason this seems to be a good way to keep our Blaine men home ;)

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