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Monday, February 8, 2010

bLiZzArD bLoG dAy 4

I will not lose my mind, I will not lose my mind, I will not lose my mind! I think Noah's goal today is to remind me that he is 20 months old today, and he's very close to the age of two....and as with everything else, he's going to start terrible two's a little early. I feel awful saying that, because I love him so much, but today....WHOA! Is this normal? He woke up with a melt down, didn't want to go potty, so he just started screaming and ran away, once Daddy chased him down, he just screamed "mommy, mommy" Finally got him on the potty, no success...all that for notta! He flipped out over getting dressed, and over his milk cup, and over who knows what else, so I finally gave up and gave him a poptart...ahhhh silence. Of course Daddy gets to go to work today, and guess who's left....ding ding and Noah! (oh but hope is on the way in the form of a Nana...thank you snow storm!)
Last night, Noah got his favorite "cake". It's actually corn bread, but I'm not going to tell him any different, it's something he will actually eat! While eating, I realized he was singing "Happy Birthday to You"...he amazes me everyday! Of course once he got bored with his "cake" he put it where he puts all food he becomes bored with...the floor. (anyone have a good solution to fix this problem??) Daddy made him get down and pick it up...well you can see what happened then....Richard's comment "it's kinda like calling in the dogs to clean up" Are we bad parents?!?!

We did finally have some potty success today, but I'm out of star stickers, so of course there's another meltdown right there...he's so my child.

Those are feet you see.

He will probably hate me one day for these! Yes folks, this is how my child poops, behind the curtain. You know they never talk about this stuff in those "what to expect books", not that I've actually read one since he was born.

Noah's shooting spree! Fun until I took the camera away because it was "mys" (mine).
Can we make it one more day?
So Day 4, no menu planned, kinda hoping my Mom shows up with some great ideas because I'm out! We are dressed! Even did my hair today, gotta look good for my company! Even though while doing my hair, Noah is pulling on my legs, climbing in laundry baskets, and in frustration I said "Can't Mommy just do her hair?", I'm not sure what answer I expected...but I should have know it would be "no!" Which then prompted nap time...that led to me being allowed to blog before round 2 of meltdowns and chaos begins!
Happy Monday!


The Busy Blaine's said...

Keep up the good work and REMAIN CALM ;) I know it is hard, trust me. Maybe Noah is cutting some teeth and that is contributing to the melt down's? However when they are 5 and 9 I can't have that excuse. Your posts have been great and we have enjoyed keeping up with them while we are "trapped" too. Love you all!!!

Princess Pearce's Mommy said...

Sounds like little man has a mix of cabin fever and Terrible Two Syndrome! Hang in there!

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