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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blizzard Blog Day 5

Well folks, there's at least two more days of Blizzard Blogging to do...they just cancelled school for tomorrow and Thursday...oh boy! This time around the winter weather warning is between 7 and 14 inches.

Our dear Nana sure did provide some relief for me! It was nice to have someone here to help entertain...especially since my child started off in a rotten mood yesterday.
She came bearing Valentine's gifts...a Blue movie for Noah...always a winner! We got to keep Nana all night, and she even took Noah with her this morning so that Richard and I could run some much needed errands! Did I ever mention Richard took vacation this week...little did he know he'd be stuck with me all week! I finally ventured beyond my driveway for the first time since last Thursday. It was kinda nice to see a paved road! It was also kinda nice to have 2 hours to myself without anyone yelling for poptarts or milk!
Valentine's Day arrived today in our house, well at least for Richard and I. We finally got new phones!! (I make it sound like it's been forever, it hasn't even been two years, but when yours is shattered in the front it feels like forever!) We got to pick out new phones by ourselves and we got to go to Walmart - by ourselves - I could have done without the Walmart trip....but that's where we got gift number two! New curtain rods and blinds for the living room! If I had to watch the curtain fall one more time, I might have lost it! We made our family rounds, visiting everyone we could while we were in town, and then took off for home, getting home just in time, the snow started as we pulled in the driveway! This was one worn out little boy! He looks so sweet when he's sleeping...don't they all. Please note the one shoe off, he ALWAYS takes that shoe off in the car...odd.

We got home, ate our dinner, had a few time outs. Does anyone ever feel like their child lives in time out? I get so worried he's going to be a bad kid...Richard keeps assuring me that they all do this. Tonight it was throwing his plate on the floor and hitting. I keep wondering if time outs are doing anything, he's usually over there babbling away to the dogs. It got to the point I've taken the carpet away he sits on because he plays with it and wraps himself up in it. I wish I could not stress it...but that wouldn't be me if I wasn't stressing about something.You can always count on Noah to help out!

Trying to keep him occupied while Daddy finishes the blinds...we pulled out all the animals and read to them.

He's an excellent reader...can't you tell! At least the book is right side up!

Is it just me or does his face say "My mom is a nut and is driving me crazy!" All is good now, Noah just came to tell me goodnight, gave me a kiss and told me I was "pity" (pretty)! I love that kid, even when he is a stinker...goes for the hubby too!


tina mom said...

Glad to provide some relief! I miss you guys already....Let's keep the power, please! Love you

Princess Pearce's Mommy said...

The pic of him sleeping in the car is precious Carly!

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