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The Blaines
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blizzard Blog Day 2

We have made it through a day and a half stuck in the house...and we are still all in one piece! I've only lost my patience a time or two...I have a very stubborn and independent 20 month old and a big dog who is chomping at the bit to get outside...actually both the kid and the dog would love to be outside and at moments I'd like to send them! Every time Richard walks out the door, both Noah and Kapone sit and watch him out the windows.

Last night, Noah took his snack to the window, so that he could watch Daddy on the "ride"!
We can't seem to keep Richard inside for any length of time...somehow that 4wheeler just keeps needing him...hmmm. He came in last night after an hour of plowing, with a big smile on his face and says "that was fun!" Where can I get a chore that I have fun doing? Can someone figure out an entertaining way of doing laundry?!?!

I think we've played with just about every toy we own, and Noah is now coming up with new ways to play with the toys! I just watched him bring some dishes out in the seat of his fire truck and have a picnic on the kitchen floor....genius!

This new game is called kick the trucks with your feet while bent over, he later graduated to no hands, just his head on the ground...I'm such a proud mom!

Last night's soup was a great success...Campbell's doesn't have a thing on me! Of course my dear Noah wasn't that into it...too many vegetables and chicken, silly eater. After last night's yummy dinner and my personal VDOT man showed back up at home, I spent the evening kicking my husband's rear in 9 holes of golf, who knew I was such a pro!

*complete side note...when I started this, I thought the snow was stopping...ha...coming down like a real blizzard now*

Today I did what we all do when we're snowed in...baked some more!!! I made the most amazing chocolate chip cookies ever, or so my husband tells me..and Noah's quickly becoming a fan! And they are so healthy too with the pound of butter and all the sugar and I heard anything you eat while snowed in doesn't really count anyway, you're just trying to insulate yourself!

I think they were letting me know it was time to start baking!Noah didn't make it through the baking process...his much needed morning nap was calling his name, or his Mommy just couldn't take her pants being tugged on anymore, even though Daddy was in the house at this point!

Messiest baking cookies in the world, with the six cups of flour and talk about an arm workout! But
Richard assures me it is completely worth it!

I think this may be Richard's favorite picture....I give these cookies two days!
Here's the same grill (its my new snow measurement) as of 12:00 today...but looking at it right now, I think its got another 2/3 inches on it, since we just had a 15 minute blizzard.

We are once again dressed in real clothes today! We are still smiling and despite the occasional meltdown, I'd say we're having a really good time! (Snow is slowing down again...but I'm not saying a word!)

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