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The Blaines
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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Almost didn't make this one! Getting all wrapped up in Grey's and phone ringtones...yes I'm getting sucked into my phone as well! Came in super handy today! Richard drove me to my doctor appointment today, I did finally go, and I do have strep. I hate when the nurse calls you back right away and then you sit in that room, alone for 20 minutes waiting for the doctor. So I took advantage of our unlimited texting, and was "talking" to Richard. We starting playing I spy, via text was great, time flew by...what a creative hubby!
Noah went to daycare today...he missed his friends, I just know it! And check out what he made for us.He's so talented!
I also did a little animal rescue today. Our friend "binkey" (monkey) went for a swim today, but not in the little potty, he went for the big one...with a little help from Noah. We think Noah was just trying to show him the potty because he was having a very in depth conversation with the monkey, and in he went. Guess I should be thankful it was the monkey and not Noah!

On a side note, Noah's doing a great job on the potty, went like 6 times today!

Here's some more of our adventures today!
Noah's out he's dangerous with that broom!

I don't even know how to explain this...Richard lays on the floor, Noah lays on Richard's belly and then they kick their legs like crazy...I don't know, maybe it's a boy thing!

Apparently the hallway was just too long for Noah tonight. He was on his way to dinner with his bib...but needed a break I guess?!?!

Yay, Mommy and Noah picture. He makes me laugh when we do this now, because he wants to see the picture afterwards, and then says "gen" (again). So we have a million of these pictures, which I have such a hard time deleting! Hoping tonight will be an okay sleep for us all, Noah's doing that whimpering cry in his sleep....I hope he doesn't get sick! Home again tomorrow...hoping to venture out for some more fun!

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